Upcoming Conference Panels and Presentations

  • K. Koizumi will be moderating the session: “Immigrant, Minority Health, Underrepresented Populations and Aging”, at the annual meeting of the American Public Health Association on Tuesday, October 27, 2020 at 12:00 p.m. (Mountain Time).
  • Horlyck‐Romanovsky M, Haley SJ. Increasing Obesity Odds Among Foreign‐Born New Yorkers are not Explained by Eating Out, Age at Arrival, or Duration of Residence: Results from NYC HANES 2004 and 2013/2014. American Public Health Association, Virtual Meeting October 24‐28, 2020.

New Publications in Press

  • Fuster, M. Plantains in Motion: Eating at the intersection of structural and cultural realities among Hispanic Caribbean migrants in the United States (University of North Carolina Press, forthcoming, Summer/Fall 2021 ‐ Book manuscript officially approved by faculty board).
  • Jack‐Roberts C, Maples P, Kalkan B, Edwards K, Gilboa E, Djuraev I, Zou S, Hoepner L, Fordjour L, Lee WC, Kral J, Dalloul M, Jiang X. Gestational diabetes status and dietary intake modify maternal and cord blood allostatic load markers. BMJ Open Diabetes Research and Care. In press (Jack‐Roberts, Maples, Kalkan, Gilboa were nutrition MS students, Edwards and Djuraev were BS Health and Nutrition students).
  • Fuster, M. Book Review: The social significance of dining out: A study of continuity and change, by Alan Warde, Jessican Paddock, and Jennifer Whillans, Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2020, pp. 296, US$120, ISBN number 978‐1‐5261‐3475‐2. (Invited review for Food, Culture and Society, forthcoming).

Community Events

  • M. Fuster participated in the Facebook Live event, “Hablemos de Nutrición y Fitness” (Let’s Talk about Nutrition and Fitness), organized by Diaspora por Puerto Rico, focused on healthy eating and exercise in relation to COVID‐19 and health promotion. (https://www.facebook.com/diasporaxpr/videos/980130102466255, in Spanish).