By examining the past, you understand the present and can create a better future.

Historians study humanity’s past successes and failures, eras of brilliance and times of darkness, enlightened civilizations, and devastating regimes—all of which help explain the present. And with a firm understanding of what preceded us, you can shape where we are headed. A bachelor’s degree in history means that you’ve learned which ideals, systems, and structures benefited humanity and which ones didn’t, and that can ease your entry into almost any field, such as government, education, and business. Our Department of History faculty will work closely with you to advise you on the myriad opportunities awaiting you.

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Undergraduate Advising

You may e-mail Professor KC Johnson for appointments by phone or videoconference.

Graduate Admissions and Advising

Students should e-mail Associate Professor Rawson for appointments.




Spring 2022, Issue 1

A Brooklyn College Historical Society Publication

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Why You Should Major in History

Professor Carp explains why you should major in history.

why history?

Associate Professor Mancia talks about why you need to take history courses.

Why You Should Be A History Major

Professor Stern explains how a history major allows you to stretch your mind, ideas, and horizons.

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