CUNY Work/Life Program

The CUNY Work/Life Program, presented by CCA@Your Service, is a free benefit to employees, and their family members and friends. This includes a significant other, children, parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, roommates—anyone who has an impact on your life.

CCA@Your Service offers free and confidential assistance, resources, referrals, and counseling any time, any day, for any issue—all provided by qualified professionals. The program also provides access to a range of support and convenience services from emotional health and wellness support to assistance with daily work/life concerns like dependent care and financial/legal challenges, including free short-term counseling sessions (up to three), and unlimited counseling by phone.

For more information about CCA@Your Service, see below:

Resources to manage sensitive conversations:

To access the program, simply call toll-free 800.833.8707, or visit the website (company code: CUNY).

The website also offers a hub of articles and information on popular topics, and connect you to exclusive resources, tools, and daily living calculators.

We hope that you’ll take this opportunity to familiarize yourself with the benefits of the program, and attend one or more of their webinars.

Mental Health Matters

AAPI Mental Health and Self-Care Resources

There are a variety of mental health and self-care resources available for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. Some examples are included in this guide as a helpful starting point.

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