Employment Verification

Employment Verifications will be processed in accordance with CUNY’s policies and procedures, and all applicable state, local, and federal laws. Employment Verification is the most commonly requested type of verification that verifies the employee’s basic job information: employer name and address, location, job title, employment status, most recent hire date, and length of time with the employer.

Be advised that in order to protect employees’ personnel records from unauthorized access, employment information will not be released without the employee’s consent, except to CUNY and other non-investigatory governmental agencies, the Human Resources Administration, the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, or upon subpoena.

Employee Request

For an Employment Verification Letter, fax to 718.951.5370 or e-mail the following:

  1. Employment Verification Request Form (PDF)
    Note: Electronic signatures are not acceptable.
  2. Indicate the specifics needed on the letter:
    Employment Dates
    Position Title
    Salary, etc.

Employer / Verifier Request

For an Employment Verification, fax to 718.951.5370 or e-mail the request along with a signed authorization from the employee (electronic signatures are not acceptable).


What type of employment information are you able to provide?

We are only able to provide employment dates, position title, and salary, unless specified by the employee.

How long should I expect to wait for my request to be processed?

Verification takes between three and five business days.

What if I am/was a work-study student?

You would need to contact the Office of Financial Aid. Call 718.951.5051 and ask for the Federal Work-Study coordinator.

Is it necessary for me (the employee) to sign the request form (i.e., Employment Verification Request Form) before my request can be fulfilled?

Yes, it is important for us to have your authorization to give employment information in order for us to proceed.

Contact Information

Peggy Sainte / Melissa Keng
E: HRVerifications@brooklyn.cuny.edu
P: 718.951.5137
F: 718.951.5370

Brooklyn. All in.