Child Care Leave (Unpaid)

Child Care Leave of Absence is a special unpaid leave for the purpose of caring for a newborn infant.

The period of the leave is not counted toward service credit, service credit for Fellowship or Scholar Incentive Award. Employees who are on leave without pay do not receive benefits (health insurance) and are not eligible for retirement credit while on leave.


Member of the Instructional Staff (full-time faculty, HEO, and CLT series employees).


One full semester for full-time faculty, and six months for non-teaching instructional staff (HEO and CLT series employees).

An extension of such leave shall be permitted on request for a period not in excess of one year from the end of the original leave.


Application should be filed as far in advance as possible in order to facilitate department planning.


Submit the form and any medical documentation to:

Bettina Smith
1219 Boylan Hall
P: 718.951.5377

Brooklyn. All in.