Dedicated Sick Leave

The Dedicated Sick Leave Program enables individuals to donate sick and/or annual leave for use as sick leave by a seriously ill or injured eligible employee who has been designated by the donor.

  • Eligible recipients may receive up to 120 days or six months of paid sick leave.
  • Employees with fewer than five years of full-time continuous CUNY service may donate only annual leave.
  • There is no minimum length of service required to donate annual leave and no cap on the amount that may be donated.
  • Employees with five or more years of full-time continuous CUNY service may donate annual leave (without limitation) and/or sick leave up to 10 sick leave days per program year.
  • In order to donate sick leave, an employee must maintain a sick leave balance of at least 24 days.
  • Each day of leave donated will be debited from the donor’s leave balance as one full day; however, each day of sick leave donated will be credited to the recipient as one-half a day. Each day of annual leave donated will be credited to the recipient as one full day.
  • All dedicated leave is irrevocable.



  • Full-time employee on an annual salary with at least two years of continuous full-time service with the university (with some exceptions to skill trade titles).
  • An employee’s illness or injury not job-related and at least 30 continuous working days.
  • All leave balances and sick leave advancements must be exhausted.


  • The employee must be in a full-time title, employed on an annual salary basis.
  • A minimum donation of one day of annual leave or sick leave per program year.


There is no enrollment period. Donations are made on an as-needed basis.


Submit forms and any medical documentation to:

Bettina Smith
1219 Boylan Hall
P: 718.951.5377

Brooklyn. All in.