Welcome From the President

Dear Alumni,

Agnes Ford, BCAA President

Agnes Ford, BCAA President

It was with great joy that I attended the Commencement Ceremony in May, where more than 4,000 members of the Class of 2019 celebrated an incredible milestone.

I participated in the celebration of my 50th Anniversary Class of 1969, which also was one of the largest graduating classes in the history of Brooklyn College. Stepping into Barclays Center in our gold caps and gowns filled me with great pride, in the graduating students and the returning alumni.

The Brooklyn College Alumni Association (BCAA), with the support of the Brooklyn College Office of Alumni Engagement, hosts many events throughout the calendar year, including the Post 50th reunion, Alumni Honors, and the annual meeting, where we present a number of awards to exceptional students. Each year we are amazed by the service that Brooklyn College students give to the community while maintaining outstanding grades. So stay connected by attending events, following us on social media, or joining a local chapter. The BCAA is reaching out to all of you to continue our mission.

You are always welcome to visit the Office of Alumni Engagement in 1239 Ingersoll Hall or check out our website to learn about the benefits available to you as alumni. While visiting the office, apply to get your alumni photo ID.

The college alumni are incredibly generous in helping to provide awards, internships, scholarship, and mentorship that enhance and enrich the opportunities for today’s students. Your continued support by becoming active members of the college reinforces our traditions.

Thank you for all the ways you contribute to our renowned institution.

Always remember our alma mater’s motto, “Nil sine magno labore” (Nothing without great effort).

Agnes Ford ’69

Brooklyn. All in.