Faculty Awards

An important and vital part of all we do in the Koppelman School of Business is our highly qualified and achievement-oriented faculty. Their achievements are recognized by the various awards they receive and the distinguished titles that are bestowed on them. The list of faculty members who have been recognized over the years for their achievements is provided below.

Herbert Kurz Endowed Chair in Finance and Risk Management

This chair is funded by the Kurz Family Foundation in honor of Herbert Kurz ’41, founder of Presidential Life Insurance Company.

Marshall G. Kaplan Endowed Chair in Municipal Government (Accounting)

This chair is funded by Marshall G. Kaplan ’49, taxation and real estate attorney.

Claire ’52 and Leonard ’50 Tow Professorship

Funded by the Tow Foundation, this two-year professorship is awarded to members of the faculty whose scholarly accomplishments are of a particularly high order.

Claire Tow Distinguished Teacher Award

Funded by the Tow Foundation, this award recognizes a senior member of the faculty for outstanding qualities as a teacher and for being a role model to students and other faculty.

Excellence in Academic Outcomes Assessment Award

The award is presented annually to a full-time faculty member, or faculty team, for extraordinary contributions in championing academic outcomes assessment/Assurance of Learning.

Excellence in Teaching Award

This award recognizes faculty members who have been innovative, current, and adaptive in teaching techniques and methodologies that enhance their teaching effectiveness.

Excellence in Research Award

This award recognizes faculty members who have demonstrated success in producing high-quality scholarly research that has led to publications in refereed journals.

Excellence in Service Award

This award recognizes faculty members who have demonstrated excellence in service to his or her department, the Koppelman School of Business, Brooklyn College, to his or her profession, and to non-academic community organizations and government agencies.

Special Recognition Awards

Special recognition awards are bestowed only on occasions that a faculty or faculties have demonstrated extraordinary effort and outcome that support Koppelman’s mission, strategic priorities, or objectives. Awardees are nominated by chairs and decided on by the dean.



  • Special Recognition Award for Student Impact—Charles Stone
  • Special Recognition Award for Scholarship Impact—Hershey Friedman
  • Special Recognition Award for Community Impact—Darline Augustine
  • Special Recognition Award for Service Impact—Carol Connell
  • Special Recognition Award for Transformational Teaching—Dov Fisher


  • Special Recognition Award for Mentoring Undergraduate Research—Joshua Fogel
  • Special Recognition Award for Curriculum Development—William Hampton-Sosa
  • Special Recognition Award for Collaborative Scholarship—Dov Fischer
  • Special Recognition Award for Innovative Undergraduate Teaching and Mentoring—Ngoc Cindy Pham
  • Special Impact Award for Scholarship—Sunil Mohanty

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