The Koppelman Experience

Engagement, Innovation, and Impact

The Koppelman Experience refers to our continuous improvement efforts primarily in the areas of engagement (with our stakeholders), innovation (in our programs and activities), and impact (on society at large).


Outreach, Partnerships, and Collaborations

Our engagement efforts are carried out through outreach to our local community and other stakeholders, through partnerships with corporations and other entities, and through collaborations with colleagues, other colleges, universities, agencies, etc.


Creativity, Experimentation, and Determination

Our innovation efforts are carried out through creativity (e.g., seeking and vetting ideas that may result in innovations), through experimentation with ideas generated by the creativity process, and through sheer determination to bring any discovered innovations to fruition.


Research, Practice, and Pedagogy

Our impact efforts are carried out through producing high-quality and meaningful research, through engaging in various types of practice (e.g., consulting, service on corporate boards, etc.) designed to broaden students’ perspectives in the classroom as well as result in successful business operations, and through developing types of pedagogy that will not only prepare our students for success as business professionals but also contribute to the betterment of society.

Effective Leadership, Cooperative Teamwork, and Supportive Strategy

The success of our efforts depends on effective leadership (not only at the administrative level but in the classroom as well), cooperative teamwork, and a supportive strategy (e.g., incentives, encouragement, and a fostering environment) that is conducive to continuous improvement.

This is the Koppelman Experience!

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