LAMEM Students

LAMEM invites Brooklyn College and CUNY students to join our colloquia as members.

Many regular LAMEM student attendees have gone on to pursue graduate degrees in premodern or early modern studies and make academic careers of their own, including:

Shona Adler ’14, English

  • University of Pennsylvania, Ph.D., English, 2023
  • Assistant Professor, English, Vanderbilt University, 2023–present

Miriam Bernstein ’20, Judaic Studies/Religion/History

  • UC Berkeley, Ph.D., Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures, in process

Laurence Bond ’17, History/Religion/Classics

  • Johns Hopkins University, Ph.D., History, in process

Alexa Climaldi ’22 M.A., English

  • CUNY Graduate Center, Ph.D., English, in process

Francisco Manitas ’17, ’19 M.A., History

  • CUNY Graduate Center, Ph.D., History, in process

Julia Paré ’17, Classics

  • Princeton University, Ph.D., Classics, in process

Maryam Esperanza Razaz ’14, CUNY B.A., Medieval Studies

  • Durham University, M.A., Medieval Studies, 2016
  • Johns Hopkins University, Ph.D./D.N.P., in process

Teanu Reid ’16, History

  • Yale University, Ph.D., History, in process

Joseph Romano ’18 M.A., English

  • Columbia University, Ph.D., English, in process

Andrew Rubner ’17, Philosophy

  • Rutgers University, Ph.D., Philosophy, in process

Isabel Stern ’14, English

  • Rutgers University, Ph.D., English, in process

Robin Tainsh ’21, History

  • Teacher’s College, Columbia University, M.S.Ed., in process

Contact Information

If you are a student or scholar interested in attending LAMEM events, or if you are a faculty member, professor, or graduate student interested in presenting, contact:

Nicola Masciandaro, Professor, Department of English
P: 718.951.5000, ext. 3653

Brooklyn. All in.