Support the Institute

The generosity of the friends and alumni of the institute has allowed dozens of worthy students to train at the institute, regardless of their financial circumstances. As tuition and the cost of living in the New York City area continue to rise, the need for financial aid only grows greater.

Financial aid allows exceptional students to benefit from the institute experience, which often provides even more than rigorous training in reading Latin and/or Greek. As Zoe, a 2014 student in Basic Latin, says about her experience:

“There is no universal guarantee that the challenges of a certain endeavor will be matched equally by the rewards, but this was certainly my experience at the CUNY Latin Institute. It has been one of my highest academic privileges, not only to have been held to such extraordinary expectations, but also to have been given the resources and support needed to meet those expectations. I learned an astonishing amount of Latin, of course, but what this experience teaches the students about life and learning are not to be marginalized either. I know now, for instance, that any almost any mental feat can be accomplished with the right dedication and self-discipline. The institute has also impressed the importance of community in learning, since I could never have accomplished a day’s there without the aid of many faculty and my fellow students.”

By giving generously, you will enable future students to learn at the same level—both about ancient languages and themselves.

Donate Now

All contributions are tax-deductible. You may donate online using the link below or by sending a check. Checks should be made payable to the “Brooklyn College Foundation,” with “Latin/Greek Institute” in the memo line. Send contributions to:

Latin/Greek Institute
Brooklyn College Foundation
2900 Bedford Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11210-9806

Floyd L. Moreland Scholarship Fund

The Floyd L. Moreland Scholarship Fund was established in honor of Floyd L. Moreland, who founded the Latin/Greek Institute in 1973 and served as its director until 1993. The fund is supported entirely by private contributions and offers partial tuition scholarship for institute students with demonstrated need. Every year, the fund enables truly superb students to attend the institute. One such recipient of a tuition scholarship, Katherine Dennis, became a student in Basic Greek in 2013; she reports discovering “that not only do I enjoy Greek as much as I do Latin, but also that with hard work I have an ability for it. I learned more than I thought was possible and made great friends and contacts with similar interests. Although the program was certainly difficult, I absolutely appreciate the opportunity that was afforded to me and am so grateful.”

The Hansen Prize

In honor of Hardy Hansen, the institute’s director from 1993 to 2013, the institute established the Hansen Prize, a competitive prize that awards a cost-of-living stipend to exceptional students at the institute. The Hansen Prize, when paired with a tuition scholarship from the Floyd L. Moreland Fund, enables students of merit to pursue summer-long study of Latin or Greek in New York City.

Contributions to the Hansen Prize are tax-deductible. Checks should be made payable to the “Brooklyn College Foundation” with “Hansen Prize” in the memo line; they can be mailed to the Brooklyn College Foundation:

Brooklyn College Foundation, Inc.
2900 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11210-2889

Online donations can be made at the Brooklyn College Foundation website. In the box marked “Additional comments or questions related to this donation,” please include “Hansen Prize.”

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