What Can You Do With a Degree in Linguistics?

Linguistics majors often pursue graduate study in linguistics and closely related areas. Linguistics graduates also go on to careers in foreign service, international business, translation and interpreting, lexicography, teaching, information technology, technical writing, and publishing. With this degree, you’ll be well equipped for further training in many fields, including anthropology, international affairs, law, journalism, communication, education, foreign languages, philosophy, psychology, and many others.

Linguistics, B.A.

Top Employers

Through job fairs, the internship database, and internship panels, the Magner Career Center gives students in the linguistics B.A. program access to career opportunities at a wide variety of employers, including:

  • Geneva Worldwide
  • New York City Department of Education
  • New York City Teaching Fellows
  • New York State Unified Court System

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On-Campus Resources

Magner Career Center

The Magner Career Center has a wealth of information on everything you need to get started in your career, help with résumés, an internships database, job fairs, etc.

  • The center hosts frequent career events, which include panels with Brooklyn College alumni, company and organization visits, and workshops.
  • You can get matched with alumni with your major to learn about their experiences, seek career advice, and develop a professional relationship.
  • HireBC offers starter, competitive internships, and even job postings from Brooklyn College’s dedicated Job Board. Access HireBC via the Brooklyn College WebCentral Portal, under the Career tab. Many alumni post positions with hopes of working with Brooklyn College students. Begin by uploading your résumé and having it reviewed by a career counselor.
  • Pamela Brown is the liaison to the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. For more information or to set up appointments, visit the Magner Center’s website call 718.951.5696, or visit 1303 James Hall.

The Brooklyn College Learning Center

The Learning Center provides peer tutoring in accordance with national best practices that empower students to cultivate the skills and behaviors of confident, independent, and lifelong learners. With support from the Office of Institutional Research and Data Science and ongoing oversight from the Office of the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, the center designs relevant interventions for need areas to further Brooklyn College’s efforts to stimulate student-driven learning as well as increase retention rates and on-time graduation.

Professors and Faculty

One point that can never be repeated enough is the importance of working with your professors and instructors. Even though there is plenty of good information to be found online, in each class you will learn from an expert in the field, who can answer your questions or direct you to the best resources available. The value of faculty cannot be overstated. Good connections with your instructors may be a deciding factor in landing your dream job.


Jonathan Nissenbaum, Program Director

1420 Ingersoll Hall
E: jnissenbaum@brooklyn.cuny.edu
P: 718.951.5928

Graduate School, Grants, and Additional Information

Government Scholarships

The Fulbright Scholar Program provides financial support for foreign study, and it has several potential niches suited to linguistics graduates. Linguistics as part of anthropology is an eligible discipline for Fulbright study, and applied linguistics/TEFL is another. For example, one 2012 linguistics graduate of the University of California (Santa Cruz) earned a Fulbright to support a year’s work in Germany as a TEFL assistant, with the chance to study at a local university.

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