Get Engaged

Each year, hundreds of alumni give back to Brooklyn College.

How Can I Help?
Brooklyn College encourages alumni to get involved! A charitable contribution, an employment/internship opportunity, a mentorship, and some sage words of advice are just some of the ways alumni can give back. Join more than 1,100 alumni who each year give back by helping students reach their career goals each year.

Become a Mentor
One of the most popular ways to give back to Brooklyn College is through mentoring current students. Mentors are essential to the Brooklyn College community, and they help our students by offering advice, networking, and giving access to opportunities like events and shadowing.

Donate to the Magner Career Center
Help support our internship stipends and career programs.

Contact Us

If you are looking to recruit, mentor, participate in an event, or donate, call 718.951.5696 or e-mail us.

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