Employer Testimonials

Ascend Hire

“Always happy with the responses from Brooklyn College, always sharp, motivated, and determined students. Couldn’t be more pleased!”—Kellie Lindow, Ascend Hire

New York State Office of the State Comptroller

“The Brooklyn College fair was by far the best one we attended last semester, and we attended over 25 events. All of your students were eager to learn about opportunities and we met quite a few who met our minimum qualifications.”


“I am consistently amazed by the exceptional talent I encounter at Brooklyn College. The students display remarkable drive and enthusiasm when it comes to exploring opportunities with our firm. The Magner Career Center’s invaluable support is essential for successfully organizing events that connect students with internships and job placements. Without their assistance, the seamless facilitation of these opportunities would not be possible!” —Amanda Salzano, KPMG Recruiter 

NBC Universal

“We had an excellent turn out yesterday! Adam and I were so impressed with all of the students who came to our table. We also collected dozens of résumés, which I have passed along to our intern coordinator.”—Rachel Long, NBC Universal Audience Coordinator

Life Vest Inside

“This was a phenomenal experience. One of the interns has come on board as a Fellow and is well on his way to becoming a full-time employee of the organization. I am very interested in connecting further with interns from Brooklyn College and possibly coming to campus to discuss internship opportunities.”—Orly Wahba, Founder/CEO

Blacksmith Institute, Inc.

“Earla conducted herself in a very professional manner and cares much about getting her work done correctly. She asked questions to make sure she’s clear about specific tasks asked of her, she questions when something doesn’t seem right or logical, and she’s also eager to help resolve problems. It has been a pleasure working with Earla. She’s very proactive and has helped the organization much with the 2012 fiscal year closing and as well as retrieving financial documents for the company’s 2012 audit.”—Rohan Lawrence, Bookkeeper

Yerba Buena Farms Jamaica

“Thank you very much for Cheryl! She was wonderful—very motivated, extremely professional, reliable, pleasant, intelligent, and capable. We have nothing but praise for her, and would be happy to provide a reference for her in the future.”—Agape Adams, Owner

New York League of Conservation Voters

“Ian was terrific and was one of the best interns I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.”—Christopher Goeken, Director of Public Policy and Government Relations

HB Studio

“Yangdi was great. She went above and beyond, and we definitely want to work with her again.”—Mark Kobak, Production Manager

Straight Up Films

“Gaul was a stellar addition to the Straight Up Films team this summer. He was hard working, eager, and diligent.”—Casey A. Carroll, Director of Development

Breakthrough San Francisco

“Julius was a fantastic addition to our staff, and I look forward to receiving applications from Brooklyn College students in the future.”—Katy Gaul, Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Upstate Girls

“Steven Z. is the best intern I’ve ever had. He is a visionary filmmaker and editor. Though we were sad to see him leave us full time to pursue his degree at Brooklyn College, it was a necessary move so that he can develop the base to nurture and grow his talents.”—Brenda Ann Kenneally, Documentarian and Creator of Upstate Girls documentary project

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