Why Recruit Our Students?

Brooklyn College is a prime source for employers looking for qualified college and experienced candidates. Employers who recruit from Brooklyn College talk about the diversity and grit of the students as some of the reasons they keep coming back. Here are other reasons why your company should seek to hire our students.

Academic Excellence

Brooklyn College provides the scholastic and experiential opportunities that will help you define your future. Our extensive academic programs, renowned faculty, highly affordable tuition, and beautiful campus have been garnering national recognition for years.


  • Brooklyn College is a microcosm of the ethnically rich borough it serves—34.4% of our student body is White, 17.4% Hispanic, 26% Black, and 21.9% Asian/Pacific Islands.
  • A little over 60% of our student body is female.
  • Our 17,000 diverse undergraduate and graduate students hail from 138 countries and speak 90 languages, ranging from Afrikaans to Yoruba.

Academic Preparation

  • Our top undergraduate majors include accounting; business, management and finance; computer science; and psychology.
  • We offer more than 80 undergraduate and 70 graduate programs of study, including nationally recognized programs in biology, business, education, film, and television. The programs are fueled by our faculty—Pulitzer Prize winners, Grammy Award winners, world-famous researchers, and internationally known artists and composers.
  • The college-wide Core Curriculum is a mandatory requirement for all candidates for a baccalaureate degree, which provides students with a broad background in the liberal arts and sciences.

Experience and Career Preparation

  • About one-third of our students work part time and another one-third work full time, giving them real-world experience to complement their academic preparation.
  • Nearly 40% of our students are 25 years old or older, bringing with them experience, clear focus, and maturity.
  • Our students have been hired for full-time and internship positions at companies such as AON Corporation, Bloomberg, Giorgio Armani, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Kings County District Attorney, MTV, NASA, New York City government agencies, New York City Department of Education, New York State Comptroller’s Office, PricewaterhouseCoopers, SUNY Downstate, Target, and more.

If you are interested in recruiting students, check out the many ways you can engage with and recruit the best of Brooklyn College.

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