The study of mathematics as a deductive science will couple your fascination with numbers with a rewarding career.

A thorough understanding of mathematics has never been more in demand. Whether you’re interested in the natural sciences, actuarial science, computer science, engineering, economics, or finance, your knowledge of pure or applied mathematics is a critical—and very desirable—asset. Our courses will increase your computational facility, develop your appreciation for the abstract structures and reasoning at the heart of mathematics, and enhance your ability to apply mathematics to real-world problems. You’ll also have the opportunity to gain experience with current mathematical software and technology, study computational mathematics, and develop expertise in financial mathematics.

Common Final Exams

To help you prepare and study for final exams, check out the Common Final Exams page, where we have posted prior final exams for the following courses: MATH 1011 (Precalculus Mathematics), MATH 1021 (Precalculus Mathematics A), MATH 1026 (Precalculus Mathematics B), MATH 1201 (Calculus-1), and MATH 1206 (Calculus-2). We have also posted prior final exams for MATH 1401 (Elementary Mathematics From an Advanced Standpoint).

Faculty Search

We are looking for high-quality adjuncts to teach courses from college algebra onward. We offer courses six days a week at different times and modalities, so if think you might want to teach for us, e-mail your CV to the department chair.

Placement into Precalculus, Math 1011 or 1012

If you have been placed into Math 1006, College Algebra, but you believe you would be better placed in Precalculus, MATH 1011 or MATH 1012, please read about how to take the Mathematics Department’s placement exam.


For all undergraduate class permissions, department consent, or advising, use the Advisement Requests form.

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The Mathematics Department remembers fondly Jay Jankelewicz, who served as our website administrator for four years and passed away from COVID-19 complications.

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