Mellon Undergraduate Transfer Student Research Program (MTSRP)

The Brooklyn College Mellon Transfer Student Research Program (MTSRP), which is endowed by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, is designed to direct resources to a crucial, but often overlooked population: transfer students.

Transfer students constitute the majority of students at Brooklyn College, but their needs, experiences, and perspectives are often neglected. The MTSRP connects transfer students in the humanities and social sciences with faculty members to develop a rigorous and independent research project for a semester. Some students pursue independent research related to faculty projects; some are pursuing their own research with faculty support; some are working in research groups. In addition to meeting regularly with their faculty advisers, the students also meet once a month as a group to discuss their ongoing research, share results, and build a sense of community. In the program’s monthly meetings, students are expected to lead the dialogue and collectively participate. Lunch is provided to make it possible for students balancing multiple responsibilities (school, work, family, and intensive independent research) time to eat, get to know one another, and share research ideas, methods, and strategies.

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