Congratulations to Professor Paul Forlano of the Biology Department, who received a three-year NIH R15 grant for his work titled “Hormonal and acoustic regulation of the dopaminergic auditory efferent system: improving detection of social acoustic signals at the level of the inner ear.” This award is for $462,160 and runs from May 2022 through April 2025. In addition to his new grant, Professor Forlano published three peer-reviewed manuscripts and presented his group’s work at four conferences during the 2021–22 academic year (listed below). His publications and presentations frequently involve the participation of high school, undergraduate and graduate students. In terms of service, Forlano has also served on the Editorial Board of Brain, Behavior and Evolution (2022–) and as a review panelist for the NSF IOS-Neural Systems. Finally, his undergraduate research assistant—biology major Rivkah Hornbacher—was accepted into a number of top Ph.D. programs in neuroscience and is currently a Ph.D. student student at Brown University. Congratulations to Professor Forlano!


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Perelmuter, J.T. (Ph.D.), Sisneros, J.A., and Forlano, P.M. 2021. “Dopamine seasonally modulates adaptive sensitivity of the inner ear for reproductive communication in a vocal fish.” Invited speaker for Symposium: Sending and Receiving Signals: Endocrine Modulation of Social Communication, Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology, Virtual.

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