CUNY Tobacco-Free Policy

Brooklyn College Is Tobacco-free

In accordance with the City University of New York’s tobacco-free policy, the use of all tobacco products is prohibited at Brooklyn College. In addition to cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and other traditional smoking paraphernalia, the policy prohibits the use of chewing tobacco and e-cigarettes as well as tobacco-related promotion and advertising.

CUNY Tobacco-Free Policy

CUNY Tobacco-Free Policy

Smokers may continue to smoke outside of the campus gates but are asked to avoid smoking near campus entryways or windows, including those of the Student Center. The proper disposal of all smoking-related waste is also encouraged.

A tobacco-free environment:

  • supports community efforts to reduce or eliminate tobacco use in public settings,
  • eliminates second-hand smoke from around building entrances,
  • eliminates litter from cigarette butts and other debris,
  • may encourage some tobacco users to stop a harmful habit,
  • prepares students to cope with future employment in tobacco-free environments, and
  • sets a positive example for high school students and young children who are often on campus.

Please respect CUNY’s tobacco-free policy. Thank you for your support.

Smoking Cessation Resources

If you are a smoker and wish to quit or reduce your intake, the Brooklyn College Health Clinic offers a variety of strategies to help you:

  • behavioral counseling tailored to fit your lifestyle, including stress management and weight-control techniques
  • group counseling and educational programs offering tips and support from fellow quitters
  • individualized pharmacotherapy treatment plans to reduce cravings for nicotine and tobacco

For further details about these and other programs offered by the college, contact the Health Clinic, 114 Roosevelt Hall, 718.951.5580.

For additional smoking cessation resources, visit the following:

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