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Our Mission

The mission of the Political Science Department is to help our students grasp and engage with politics and power at all levels so that they can become critical thinkers and active citizens with the foundation to pursue careers in public life. Our wide course offerings span the range of issues, from classical theory to contemporary policy, and from international organizations to neighborhood grassroots. Through our diverse and challenging curriculum students acquire the research, writing, and reading skills necessary to think and act in the politics that will determine their future course of local, national, and world politics.

At Brooklyn College, you’re already in the real world. You’re not sheltered in an insulated ivory tower. You’re engaging with the world, questioning it, and understanding its complexities.”—Caitlin Connor

Throughout this program, my classmates and I were not only students; we were agent of change. We learned that as scholars of international affairs and global justice, we the have the capacity to shape policies, challenge norms that are otherwise taken for granted, and foster empathy and understanding across borders.”—Angela Bui

Contact Information

3413 James Hall
Brooklyn, NY 11210
P: 718.951.5306
F: 718.951.4833
E: politicalscience@brooklyn.cuny.edu

Immanuel Ness, Professor and Department Chair
P: 718.951.5306
E: Iness@brooklyn.cuny.edu

Janet E. Johnson, Professor and Graduate Deputy
3401 James Hall
P: 718.951.5000, ext. x1753
F: 718.951.4833
E: johnson@brooklyn.cuny.edu

Ken Estey, Associate Professor and Undergraduate Deputy
3413 James Hall
P: 718.951.5306
F: 718.951.4833
E: kestey@brooklyn.cuny.edu

Office Hours

Our main office at 3413 James Hall is open Mondays–Friday 9 a.m.–5 p.m. Feel free to stop by for assistance.

For remote help, call us at 718.951.5306, Monday–Friday, 9 a.m.–5 p.m.


Barbara Haugstatter, Administrative Specialist
P: 718.951.5306
E: barbarah@brooklyn.cuny.edu

  • Barbara Haugstatter is also available to answer inquiries about the program and assist with registration.

Sibgha Sohaib, College Assistant
P: 718.951.5306
E: Sibgha.Sohaib@brooklyn.cuny.edu

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