Undergraduate Taking Graduate / Graduate Taking Undergraduate Courses

Undergraduate Students

Matriculated undergraduate seniors and some others with senior status who have earned a grade point average (GPA) of 3.00 may take graduate classes. Graduate courses may be applied to the requirements of the undergraduate degree or may be taken for graduate credit. If a graduate course is being applied to undergraduate requirements, it is the responsibility of the student to obtain an in-lieu-of request from the department accepting the course, and ensure that it is received by both Degree Audit in the Office of the Registrar and the Office of the Bursar. If you have any questions about applying a graduate course toward you undergraduate degree, contact the Office of the Registrar.

Tuition Information

Undergraduate students who take graduate courses for graduate credit pay applicable resident or nonresident graduate tuition rates  and are subject to the maximum tuition rate set for undergraduate students. Graduate Division tuition rates are listed in the Graduate Bulletin, and you can visit the Bursar for more information.

Graduate Students

Degree-seeking applicants who do not fully meet college and departmental admission requirements must meet the conditions that are stated in their acceptance letter from the Office of Graduate Admissions. Applicants whose bachelor’s degree is in progress at the time of admission are accepted on condition that their degree is awarded by a particular date. Departments may specify that certain undergraduate classes be completed within a particular time frame. The college’s regulations limit the number of undergraduate classes that may be required as a condition of matriculation to no more than three. This rule does not restrict students from taking other undergraduate classes that are approved as part of the program of study by the graduate deputy or program head after they are matriculated. Grades in undergraduate classes do not contribute to the graduate GPA. To avoid being put on probation in their first few semesters because of a zero GPA and failure to make adequate progress toward the graduate degree, you should attempt to take at least one graduate class in their first semester or year of study. Undergraduate courses are not creditable toward a master’s degree.

Tuition Information

Graduate students enrolling in undergraduate courses as part of their graduate program for credit pay the applicable graduate rate. If there are any questions regarding tuition, it is the responsibility of the student to see a Bursar representative in the Enrollment Services Center.

How to Register

Crossover Forms are no longer necessary to register. All students must obtain the appropriate permissions and overrides from the academic department that is offering the course, and are responsible for self-enrolling in CUNYfirst.

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