Dual Majors and Dual Degrees

Students who complete the requirements for two majors have two choices as they approach graduation.

If you complete the requirements for two majors and have earned fewer than 150 credits, you will be awarded the degree associated with your first major as listed on CUNYfirst and one diploma will be issued. At the time degrees are conferred, only one degree with your first major will be awarded. An official comment listing the second major will be placed under the degree notation on your transcript.

A second option is for you to earn two diplomas. To be awarded two diplomas, you must have earned at least 150 credits (an additional 30 credits in residence beyond the standard 120 total credits required for a bachelor’s degree). For programs requiring more than 120 credits, the 30 credits must be earned in residence beyond the number of credits required for the degree (for example, a program requiring 150 credits would require a total of 180 credits to earn two diplomas).

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