An ePermit allows Brooklyn College matriculated students to take classes at other CUNY colleges. All credits and grades earned on permit will be transferred to the student’s record and included in their cumulative grade point average.

Be aware that an approved ePermit does not guarantee you a seat at the other institution. It only ensures that Brooklyn College will accept the transfer credit of your course. ePermits are requested via your CUNYfirst account.

To be eligible to take a course on ePermit at another CUNY college:

  • You must be a matriculated undergraduate or graduate student. (Nondegree students cannot apply for a permit)
  • Undergraduate students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00.
  • Graduate students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00.
  • You must not be a first-semester student (except for transfer, Macaulay Honors, CUNY B.A., or ROTC students).
  • You cannot have any holds on your record that would prevent enrollment (Financial Aid, Bursar, Advisement, etc.)
  • You must meet all immunization requirements.
  • The course on permit must apply to your current major requirements.
  • The course on permit cannot be used to replace a prior failure at Brooklyn College.
  • You must meet the prerequisite for the Brooklyn College equivalent course.
  • Macaulay Honors College and CUNY B.A. students must have adviser approval.
  • You must have departmental approval for math, computer science, chemistry, and upper biology courses.

Note: Newly admitted transfer students may take an ePermit in their first semester by e-mailing us. E-mail should include EMPLID, Brooklyn College course, host college, host college course, and the semester/session.

NON-CUNY Permits

If you want to take a course at an institution college outside of CUNY, you must file for a non-CUNY permit application (PDF). The application is to be submitted to the applicable Brooklyn College academic department for approval, and will only be accepted by the approver. The requirements for CUNY permits apply to non-CUNY applicants as well. You must still apply to the non-CUNY campus and finalize your registration at the college outside of CUNY. Once the semester is done, you will need to request an official transcript be sent to Brooklyn College via e-mail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once your permit is approved, a PERM course is added to your schedule to indicate the number of credits you will be billed, and the host college will receive your request. The host college will contact you via e-mail to let you know when you can register. You then register via Schedule Builder.

Specific permits (Macaulay Honors. CUNY B.A., study aboard, math, computer science, chemistry, and upper biology) require additional department approval. These requests are sent to the department for approval, and once approved, they are sent back to the Registrar’s Office for final approval.

Initiated status means the permit is waiting to be reviewed by the Registrar’s Office. Allow two to three business days for your permit to be reviewed.

Pending status means that the permit is either pending approval or was approved by the department and waiting for final approval by the Registrar’s Office. Allow two to three business days for your permit to be reviewed.

The permit team will post final grades within one to two weeks after the semester ends. Once transferred, you can check DegreeWorks to view your permit course and grade.

You are billed by Brooklyn College, not your host college. Once your permit is approved, a PERM course is added to your record to indicate the number of credits you will be billed.

The number of credits transferred for each course will be the value assigned by the host college.

If you enroll in a course at a host college and decide not to attend the course, you must drop the course at the host campus and drop the course at Brooklyn College. The cancellation must be made before classes begin to avoid tuition liability and prevent academic consequences.

You should ensure that your total credits taken on permit meet financial aid eligibility and credit load requirements. Before requesting a permit, students should meet with an academic and financial aid adviser with any course-related or financial aid questions.

There is no limit to how many classes you may take on ePermit except for the credit limit for the semester. The credit limit per semester included both permit request and enrollment at Brooklyn College is:

  • Spring and Fall = 18 credits
  • Summer = 9 credits per session (undergraduate); 8 credits per session (graduate)
  • Winter = 7 credits

No, your permit courses do not count as credits taken in residency. Make sure to meet with an adviser to ensure you are meeting your credits in residency for graduation.

You should be billed the number of credits taken at the host campus. If there is a discrepancy, e-mail us.

For prerequisite/departmental consent registration errors, contact the respective academic departments for class permission.

CUNY has an amazing website called T-Rex that allows you to see how your courses can transfer between campuses.

You cannot be enrolled in two campuses at the same time unless you file and are approved for a permit. Transfer credit for the course is not guaranteed if you do not apply for a permit prior.

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