Registation Status/Error Messages FAQ

When you attempt to register for a class (enroll, drop, or swap), you will see one of these statuses:

  • Success: indicates a successful transaction.
  • Message: indicates a successful transaction, but there is additional information regarding the transaction or course. Click on Message to view detailed information. A requirement designation message may appear to indicate that an area within the Pathways framework is being satisfied.
  • Errors: indicates an unsuccessful enrollment transaction. You must click on Error to see the reason the enrollment transaction was unsuccessful. There are many error messages in the system; the most common errors are listed below. If you are looking for an error that does not appear on this list, remember to click on the word Error in the enrollment request screen for a detailed explanation.
Message Type CUNYfirst Message Explanation / Action Needed
Repeat Course You have already taken this class. You have now exceeded the repeatable limit for this class. Verify that this class will apply toward your course of study. Credit was already earned for this course. Repeating will not count toward graduation nor will it be calculated in the GPA. Unless a higher grade is required to graduate or to register for a subsequent course, choose an alternate course that satisfies the requirement.

Error Type CUNYfirst Message Explanation / Action Needed
Closed Class Not Enrolled, Class 55555 (class #) Is Full. The requested enrollment add was not processed. The enrollment limit for the specified class has been reached. If available, choose the Waitlist OK option and resubmit the request. The course is full / closed. Select an alternate section. For some classes, a waitlist may be available. See the explanation at the bottom of this page on utilizing the waitlist function. Only the academic department offering the course can issue an overtally. Obtaining an overtally does not mean enrollment. Once an overtally is obtained, you must register for the course.
Departmental Consent Required Departmental Consent Required to Enroll in Class, Add Not Processed. Consent is needed to enroll in the class. The add transaction was not processed. Consent is NOT available for classes with section codes containing STR, EC1, BCB, BSC, CN, MDY, NS, PF, RIS or ending in F, H or Q’ Academic department offering the course must enter into CUNYfirst by the department. Once permission is obtained, you must register for the course.
Hold on Record Hold on Record, Add Not Processed. There is a hold on this record, preventing the add from being processed. The hold must be removed to process the add transaction. Holds are also known as service indicators (stops). To view your active service indicators in CUNYfirst, navigate to Self-Service > Student Center; look for “Holds” in a blue box, and click on details. The details will provide information on which department to contact to resolve the hold. Refer to these more detailed instructions on viewing holds.
No Access to Enrollment No Access to Enrollment The term in which you are trying to enroll is not active on your record. AdmissionReadmission (re-entry) is needed, or you filed for graduation for that semester. Students who applied to graduate but still need to take additional courses must e-mail Degree Audit to withdraw their application for graduation and be term activated.
No Valid Appointment No Valid Appointment Found and Open Enrollment Period Has Not Begun. The open enrollment period has not begun and no valid enrollment appointment was found. The enrollment request was not processed. Registration has not begun and/or your specific enrollment appointment date/time has not been reached. Check your assigned enrollment date/time. If your enrollment appointment has been reached and the problem persists, contact the Enrollment Services Center or the Office of the Registrar.
Requisites Requisites Not Met for Class, Not Enrolled. Requirements have not been met to enroll in the specified class. The enrollment transaction was not processed. The missing prerequisites or corequisites will be listed at the bottom of the message. If you feel you have received this message in error, visit the Enrollment Services Center or the Office of the Registrar.
Maximum Session Unit Load Maximum Session Unit Load Exceeded. The maximum session unit load would be exceeded with the addition of this class. The add transaction was not processed. For students in good standing, the maximum number of units (credits) allowed in spring or fall semesters is 18; seven in the winter intersession; and nine per each summer session. If the attempted enrollment brings the total above these limits, this error appears. Select a course with fewer units, or swap out a course in the current schedule. If it is necessary to enroll above the stated limits for any semester, visit Academic Standing (3215 Boylan Hall) to apply for a credit increase.
Time Conflict Time Scheduling Conflict for class 55555 (class #) and 44444 (class #), Not Enrolled. A scheduling conflict exists with a currently enrolled class. Select another class, or override the time conflict. Select another course, or rearrange your schedule to accommodate the selected course. Remember to use Swap instead of Enroll and Drop.

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