24/7 online transcript ordering is now available with Parchment.

The City University of New York (CUNY) has partnered with Parchment as the service provider to process all CUNY institutions’ transcript orders online.

As a result of expanding our online services, all Brooklyn College official transcript orders are exclusively submitted online, thus discontinuing in-person services. We encourage all students to plan ahead and submit their transcript request orders to meet any upcoming deadlines.

All students and alumni, regardless of when they attended Brooklyn College, can place a request for their official transcript via Parchment.

Ordering an Official Transcript

Check the status of an existing order. If for any reason Parchment is unable to fulfill your order, you will be notified via e-mail if the order is cancelled or if there is a hold on your record that is preventing the order from being completed.

Things to remember when submitting an official transcript order:

  • Transcripts include all undergraduate and graduate course work taken at Brooklyn College.
  • Plan ahead and submit your transcript request with enough time to meet your deadlines. There is no expediting requests.
  • If you anticipate graduating in an upcoming class (December, February, June, or September) and need to place an order for a transcript, it is strongly recommended to continue monitoring the status of your graduation via CUNYfirst. You can view your graduation status, and go to “How do I know my graduation status?” If your status is Awarded, this means your conferral date is officially posted on your record and your degree has been conferred. If your status is Applied or Approved, you can place an order online for your transcript and request a HOLD FOR DEGREE POST in your order. Selecting this option will place your order on hold until your degree is posted.

Accessing an Unofficial Transcript

If you are currently enrolled or still have access to CUNYfirst, you can obtain a free unofficial transcript through the Student Center by following the steps below:

  1. Select the “Transcript and Verification” tile.
  2. Select the CUNY institution from which you are requesting an unofficial transcript.
  3. Select “View Report,” and in the “Report Type” dropdown, select “Student Unofficial Transcript” and click “Submit.”

Note: It is recommended that you turn off pop-up blockers on your browser to view the student unofficial transcript selected. Once this is turned off, the student unofficial transcript will open in a separate window.

Having Issues With Parchment?

The best first step is to log into your Parchment account and visit the Parchment Help Center, where you can find answers to frequently asked questions and articles to support your needs.

From the Parchment Help Center, you can submit a web case for support or contact a learner support representative for assistance at 888.662.0874. The support team is available Mondays–Fridays, 8 a.m.–8 p.m. EST.

Additional Transcript Resources and Guides

Order Your Transcript Online
Check the Status of an Existing Order
View Your Transcript Online Through CUNYfirst

Important Reminders

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) (20 U.S.C. S.1232g) protects the confidentiality of student education records. Student records cannot be released without the student’s authorization.

The Office of the Registrar takes responsibility for handling official transcript orders in a prompt manner. However, we are not responsible for mishandling by the U.S. Post Office or the receiving institution or recipient.

Students must confirm the accuracy of the address/recipient information prior to submitting the transcript request. If this information is incorrect and cannot be delivered, you will have to request and pay for another official transcript with the correct address.

Diploma Pickups

Your diplomas are almost ready! Ensure your mailing address is up to date in CUNYfirst.

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