Students and Alumni

The Sociology Department has a long and illustrious history at the college and in the discipline. Our students routinely go on to graduate study and professional careers. Faculty and alumni from the department have served as past presidents of the American Sociological Association as well as other distinguished offices and positions. If you have news of student or alumni news, e-mail Professor Jeremy Porter.

The Sociology Club is an active and interesting place for students to learn about the profession. Current sociology students interested in the Sociology Club should contact Assistant Professor Yung-Yi Diana Pan.

Student Honors and Awards

Students in the Department of Sociology have opportunities to be recognized as members of the Alpha Kappa Delta national honors society, participate in professional meetings to present their research, and be considered for our two outstanding undergraduate awards.

Alpha Kappa Delta, National Honor Society Membership

In addition to honors available to all students at Brooklyn College, the Department of Sociology has its own chapter of the Alpha Kappa Delta (AKD) national honors society that students may be selected for if they have at least a 3.50 GPA in sociology and pay a membership fee.

Student Participation at Sociology Conferences

Students and faculty in the department participate annually in local, national, and international conferences to present their research.

Recent student conference participation includes:

Student Conference* Title of Research Year
Hannah Carl ESS “There’s a Word Missing”: Effects, Uses & Debate of Sweden’s New Third Gender 2016
Hannah Carl ESS This Is How People See Me? Constructing Biological Sex in Our Social World 2016
Neil Schuldiner ASA Gendering Intelligence: On the Misuse of Biological Determinism in Explaining Gender Inequalities in Education 2015
Thomas Corcoran ESS Weathering the Storm: Implications of Race and Class for Community Recovery in the Post-Sandy Environment of the Rockaways 2014
Ember Skye Kane-Lee ESS The Madonna-Bitch Dichotomy: Gender Conflict and Normative Role Performance Issues for Women on Co-gender Wrestling Teams 2013

* Eastern Sociological Society (ESS); American Sociological Society (ASA)

Annual Outstanding Undergraduate Student Awards

  • The Charles Lawrence Memorial Award is given each year to the undergraduate student who has submitted the best research paper is sociology.
  • The Sidney Aronson Memorial Award is given to a student who has done outstanding work in the field of sociology that has been accepted for presentation at a professional association meeting.

Recent Winners

Student Award Year
Victoria Sokoli and Maridalia Mejia Charles Lawrence Memorial Award 2017–18
Samrah Shoaib and Connie Ong Sidney Aronson Memorial Award 2017–18
Hana Johami Charles Lawrence Memorial Award 2016–17
Hannah Carl Sidney Aronson Memorial Award 2016–17
Vita Xie Charles Lawrence Memorial Award 2015–16
Hannah Carl and Neil Schuldiner Sidney Aronson Memorial Award 2014–16
Anthony Colon and Karen Capistran Charles Lawrence Memorial Award 2014–15
Thomas Corcoran Sidney Aronson Memorial Award 2014–15
Toyann McPhoy Charles Lawrence Memorial Award 2013–14
Ember Skye Kane-Lee Sidney Aronson Memorial Award 2013–14
Natali Rivers Charles Lawrence Memorial Award 2009–10
Martyna Cieniewicz Sidney Aronson Memorial Award 2009–10
Michael Eng Charles Lawrence Memorial Award 2008–09
Marcelle Pedersen Sidney Aronson Memorial Award 2008–09
Fior Rodriguez Quero Sidney Aronson Memorial Award 2007–08
Lawrence Chang and
Heather Squire
Charles Lawrence Memorial Award 2007–08
Dmitri Chitov Charles Lawrence Memorial Award 2006–07
Shanell Budheah Charles Lawrence Memorial Award 2005–06
Victoria Lampado Sidney Aronson Memorial Award 2005–06
Dulce Reyes Sidney Aronson Memorial Award 2004–05
Shanell Budheah Charles Lawrence Memorial Award 2004–05
Karolin Elmquist Charles Lawrence Memorial Award 2002–03
Paula Gonzalez Sidney Aronson Memorial Award 2002–03
Nancy Sanchez Sidney Aronson Memorial Award 2002–03
Paula Gonzalez Sidney Aronson Award 2001–02
Paula Gonzalez Charles Lawrence Award 2001–02
Nancy Sanchez Sidney Aronson Award 2001–02
Esther Polanco Sidney Aronson Memorial Award 2000–01
Teresa Vasquez Sidney Aronson Award 2000–01
David Kaltenbach Charles Lawrence Award 2000–01
Esther Polanco Sidney Aronson Memorial Award 1999–2000
Ariadna Rodenstein Sidney Aronson Memorial Award 1999–2000
Teresa Vazquez Sidney Aronson Memorial Award 1999–2000
Zach Hinkle Charles Lawrence Memorial Prize 1999–2000
David Kaltenbach Charles Lawrence Memorial Prize 1999–2000
Elizabeth Alarnick Charles Lawrence Sociology Award 1997–98
Marcia Antoine Charles Lawrence Sociology Award 1997–98
Carmel S. Victor Charles Lawrence Sociology Award 1997–98

Sociology Club

The Sociology Club is a student-run club that assists Brooklyn College undergraduate sociology students in exploring their interests in socially relevant issues in academic and practical ways. The club consists of various activities, which change from year to year, depending on the interests of those involved. The current faculty adviser of the Sociology Club is Assistant Professor Ying-Yi Diana Pan.

Among the subjects discussed were: finding a topic of study to focus on, preparing for GREs, applying to grad school, taking time off from school to work on applied research, the importance of working on writing skills before entering graduate school, and career opportunities for M.A. degree holders versus Ph.D.s.

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