Mandated Workshops for All School Professionals

Updated mandated reporter training requirements are needed for all mandated reporters (inclusive of teachers and teacher candidates), including those who have previously undergone the Child Abuse Identification workshop.  The updated training is required  by April 1, 2025. The updated workshop is available at Brooklyn College and other providers listed here (PDF).

When the updated workshop is recorded on your TEACH account, it should be listed as “Child Abuse Identification (New Program).”

The following mandated workshops are required for New York State certification:

Needs of Students With Autism is required only in some cases. You do not need the autism workshop if:

  • If you complete a bachelor’s or master’s program leading to certification to teach students with disabilities after September 1, 2009.
  • If you already have students with disabilities teacher certification.
  • If you complete the early childhood master’s program plus the additional courses for students with disabilities certification listed here.

The workshop is required for New York State Certification only if you are applying for:

  • certification to teach speech-language pathology and have not completed course SPE/CASD 7317 or 7319, or
  • certification to teach students with disabilities or speech and language disabilities and you completed a program before September 1, 2009, or
  • additional certification to teach students with disabilities and you are not in a bachelor’s or master’s program leading to certification to teach students with disabilities. For example, if you take this series of courses (PDF) for an additional certificate and the courses are not part of your college degree, you will need the Autism workshop.
  • If you apply for students with disabilities certification and if you completed a students with disabilities undergraduate or graduate program,  and if you get a “Notice of uncompleted requirements,” and if the autism workshop is not credited at that point, send an e-mail, with Autism Workshop in the subject line, and include your name as it appears in TEACH and either your date of birth or the last four digits of your Social Security number in the message.

How to Check If Your Workshops Will Be Credited for Certification

Check your TEACH account.

Are your workshops listed on your TEACH account, or do you have previous college recommendations for certification?

  • Yes: Your workshop requirement is done unless your college recommendations are dated before 2014. In that case, the DASA workshop is also required. Check if you have the Child Abuse Identification (new program) listed. See note above about the updated mandated reporter training requirements.
  • No: If you do not have a previous recommendation for certification, you can send the workshop certificates to the certification officer by e-mail. If your Social Security number is on the documents, be sure to cross it off before sending it. Include a note with your name, your CUNYfirst EMPLID number or the last four digits of your Social Security number, and when you expect to graduate or approximately when you graduated.

If the certification officer checked the workshops, the notes are on file at Brooklyn College and the workshops do not need to be added to your TEACH account.

If you have a recommendation for certification on your TEACH account, then the workshops required at the time were checked and credited, and do not need to be listed on your TEACH account. From 2001 to 2014, two workshops were needed: School Violence Prevention and Identification of Child Abuse. Starting in 2014, the DASA workshop was added. Workshops are credited based on the college “recommendation.”

If You Need to Complete Your Workshops

You can complete the workshops with Brooklyn College:

You can e-mail Nayisha Wilson Cantave at if you have questions about the workshops at Brooklyn College.

You can complete the workshops by choosing from the following providers online:

The United Federation of Teachers also offers workshops.

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