Play Therapy Project

Advanced Certificate in Play Therapy Program

The Advanced Certificate in Play Therapy Program has five distinguishing factors:

  • Focus on urban experience
  • Cultural competence and diversity
  • Contemporary relational approaches to play therapy
  • Applications to practice
  • Highly qualified and experienced faculty

About the Program

The Advanced Certificate in Play Therapy Program is a one-year New York State Education Department approved sequence of four courses (16 credits) that provides background in play therapy and develops practitioner proficiency in the practice and supervision of play therapy with diverse populations.

The program enhances professional practice by working with practitioners to develop more effective ways of interacting with children and families. Classes emphasize experiential process and applied practice, with a focus on case material and seminar discussion.

Candidates may join the program in the fall or spring semesters.


Admissions is not currently accepting applications into this program.

Class schedules are subject to change. The program follows the Brooklyn College Schedule of Classes for class meeting dates. Tuition follows the Brooklyn College schedule of graduate tuition.

If you are currently attending Brooklyn College or another CUNY campus, contact Jennifer Milan or stop by 1107 James Hall to inquire about the second credential application. If you are not currently matriculated in a CUNY college, apply online on the Brooklyn College website.


Admitted students will receive an e-mail with registration code for online registration and directions on how to register in CUNYfirst. To enroll, you will need to claim your CUNYfirst account.

If you have not already set up your Blackboard account, log in to the Brooklyn College WebCentral Portal. Your Blackboard account is under the “Academics” tab.

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