Science, Technology, and Research (STAR)

STAR Early College High School at Brooklyn College is a unique educational experience in which students are challenged to complete high school requirements and begin college course work within the usual four years of secondary school. The early college experience is a comprehensive partnership between STAR teachers and administrators and Brooklyn College staff and faculty. The partners have developed a professional structure that both connects and supports the efforts of high school and college faculty. The partners’ work is dynamic, continually responding to outcome data and the diverse needs of students and staff. Their focus is unchanging: to prepare traditionally underserved youth to enter and succeed in college.

Working closely with Brooklyn College, STAR has developed a careful sequence of college-going experiences to ease the transition of students from high school to college. Students are introduced to the college campus as early as sixth grade for events such as “Middle School Math Day.” Beginning in ninth grade, student programming is expanded to include STEM seminars; 10th graders attend writing workshops; and, ultimately, juniors and seniors are offered a range of college classes. STAR students typically graduate with 18 to 30 college credits. Nearly all STAR students attend college after graduation.

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