BC-CityU Hong Kong Exchange

Brooklyn College Exchange With the City University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

The Brooklyn College exchange program with the City University of Hong Kong’s College of Science and Engineering (CityU HK’s CSE) is open to Brooklyn College and other CUNY undergraduates in biology, biomedical, chemistry, computer science, earth sciences, geology, mathematics, physics, and various fields of engineering. The language of instruction is English. Participants will have the unique opportunity to study for a semester or year at City University of Hong Kong while paying CUNY tuition, international travel, and onsite living costs. Financial aid and scholarships apply. This program is competitive and spaces are limited.


This program is open to all CUNY students, though preference is given to Brooklyn College students. Applicants should have:

  • a 3.00 minimum GPA,
  • 30 college credits completed at a CUNY institution, and
  • a clear academic and disciplinary record.

Academic Credit and Course Offerings

Students receive credit and grades for the courses taken at the City University of Hong Kong. Prior to the end of the semester before studying abroad, all participants should obtain written approval for credit equivalencies. The IPSA Course Equivalency Form (pdf) provides information on how to do so. Participants who are not Brooklyn College students should confer with their home university’s study abroad office for instructions on attaining equivalencies.

Students may apply for study of course work in areas of science and engineering, including architecture and civic engineering, biology, biomedical science, chemistry, computer science, mechanical engineering, physics, and many more! You can view all CityU HK courses on the CityU HK courses webpage, or science and engineering-specific courses on the CityU HK CSE Study Plan page. All courses are taught in English.

City University of Hong Kong Academic Calendar/Program Dates

  • Expected date of arrival: August 22–26 for fall; January 2–6 for spring.
  • Fall courses begin at the end of August and continue through the end of November.
  • Fall exams last until mid-December.
  • Spring courses begin in early January and continue until late April.
  • Spring exams last until mid-May.

Visit CityU HK’s website for an updated academic calendar with specific dates.

Estimated Costs for One Semester (2016–17)

CityU HK reports that the average student should budget approximately $2,630 for expenses other than airfare and housing. Keep in mind variations in personal lifestyle and spending preferences. Below is an approximated cost breakdown:

  • CUNY tuition and fees
  • Roundtrip Airfare: $550–$1,500
  • Housing (several options): $870–$2,390
  • Living Costs (meals, laundry/household amenities, books/supplies, local travel, etc.): $2,630
  • Mobile Phone/Internet (free on-campus Wi-Fi): $130
  • Student Visa: $46
  • CUNY mandated CISI Health/Travel Insurance (pdf) ($46.73 per month): $186.92–$233.65

*Cost of Living Breakdown via CityU HK.

**Currency conversion via OANDA. Students should visit OANDA for up-to-date currency conversion rates. Once on the site, click on Currency Converter at the top of the page.

How to Apply

There are two parts to the application process. First, an application is submitted to Brooklyn College and, upon acceptance, a second one to the City University of Hong Kong.

  • Complete and submit the Online Notification of Study Abroad/Brooklyn College Study Abroad Application.
    • IPSA applications must be submitted to IPSA no later than April 1 for fall semesters, and October 1 for spring semesters. Due to limited spaces, interested students should submit their applications as early as possible.
  • After initial acceptance by IPSA, students will complete an online exchange application to the City University of Hong Kong. See the CityU HK website for instructions.
    • City University of Hong Kong applications must be submitted no later than May 1 for fall semesters, and October 15 for spring semesters. Students should prepare and submit the application and include the housing application, the visa application, and Declaration of Financial Sponsor.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Most scholarships and financial aid that a student receives for semester study at Brooklyn College can be applied on semester abroad exchange programs. Students should consult the Office of Financial Aid about specifics on how their financial aid applies. Scholarships are also available for semester study abroad. Refer to the IPSA website or visit the Brooklyn College Office of Scholarships. If you are not a Brooklyn College student, any financial aid you are currently receiving is administered by your home institution’s Office of Financial Aid. Questions about financial aid should be directed to that office.

Housing Information

On-campus housing may be available, although limited. Submitting an early application is strongly recommended and must be done when applying for admission to CityU HK. Off-campus housing should also be considered. You can view available options on the CityU HK Housing website.

Student Visa Information

A student visa for Hong Kong is required to study at the City University of Hong Kong. Students will need to be registered as full-time students (12–18 credits). Students should apply for the visa to Hong Kong through the CityU HK process at the same time as they apply for admission as exchange students.

For More Information

International Programs & Study Abroad
1108 Boylan Hall
P: 718.951.5189

City University of Hong Kong Resources

City University of Hong Kong Global Studies Office
Tammy Chan, GSO Exchange Coordinator
P: (+33) 1 72 60 52 08
E: lcchan@cityu.edu.hk

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