At Brooklyn College, we believe that every member of our campus community bears responsibility for ensuring a sustainable future for our campus, our borough, our city, and our planet.

While there is much to be done, over the past several years we have been taking important steps to reduce our waste, increase our energy efficiency, and engage our campus community in promoting an array of important sustainable practices. Our initiatives will help us reduce our carbon footprint and become better stewards of our environment and natural resources. We will:

  • build upon existing initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase energy efficiency;
  • develop additional opportunities for the campus community to take advantage of green transportation alternatives;
  • make cost-effective investments in equipment and fixtures to reduce unnecessary water consumption;
  • promote recycling, composting, and other waste-reduction initiatives;
  • modify our procurement practices in support of environmentally friendly products for use in college business;
  • explore opportunities to provide additional academic offerings with content applicable to environmental sustainability; and
  • continue to engage our campus community in actions that will promote a sustainable future.

Explore the campus sustainability initiatives and many ways you can participate.

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