Domestic Students

Important Notice

The Transfer Evaluation Office takes care of matriculated undergraduate students only.

Graduate students should contact Graduate Admissions for assistance.

Domestic students are students who have attended an accredited CUNY or non-CUNY institution within the United States. Official transcripts must be sent to the college for proper review and for transfer credit updates. If you completed the course(s) at another CUNY school, you do not need to send in an official transcript, unless you attended prior to 2002 at the other CUNY school.

  • Viewing Your Transfer Credit Report in CUNYfirst (PDF): This pdf gives step-by-step procedures for viewing your TCR in CUNYfirst. It also provides a detailed explanation of the TCR.
  • Acknowledgment Form: This form is to be used if you are seeking a modification or re-evaluation of a course that was transferred into the college in a term other than your first semester at the college. If this is your first term at Brooklyn College, you do not have to fill out this form. This form indicates that you have consulted with the Office of Financial Aid and understand that modifying the transfer record after your first term at the college may result in a change in your financial aid.

Important Reminder

If you have attended a college prior to Brooklyn College or have taken courses sponsored by a college while in high school, we must receive an official college transcript, showing the courses and grades, for consideration of transfer credit. You may have your official transcripts sent to:

Brooklyn College
Office of Transfers Evaluation, 306 West Quad Center
2900 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11210

If you have taken college-level courses while in high school, self-identify by informing the Transfer Evaluations Office via e-mail.

If you completed the course(s) at a non-CUNY school, you must send in an official transcript.

CUNY Pathway Guarantees: Once a Pathway general education requirement (Required Common Core and Flexible Common Core) is completed, it is guaranteed to transfer for credit toward Pathway general education requirements of the same type at Brooklyn College. Students in a baccalaureate program are required to complete additional general education requirements known as the “College Option.” All students who begin college in a bachelor’s program are required to compete 12 College Option credits, for a total of 42 general education credits required. Once a College Option requirement is fulfilled, it remains fulfilled upon transferring to a different CUNY college. Finally, all credits earned at one of the CUNY colleges must be accepted for credit at Brooklyn College.

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