Important Notice

The Transfer Evaluations Office takes care of matriculated undergraduate students only.

Graduate students should contact Graduate Admissions for assistance.

For students who have taken an official exam outside of the traditional classroom, exams will be granted if it has a passing score and from a reputable source. Brooklyn College accepts AP, CLEP, IB, CAPE, and many more. Check with the Transfer Evaluations Office to see if your exam is accepted.

  • Acknowledgment Form: This form is to be used if you are seeking a modification or re-evaluation of a course that was transferred into the college in a term other than your first semester at the college. If this is your first term at Brooklyn College, you do not have to fill out this form. This form indicates that you have consulted with the Office of Financial Aid and understand that modifying the transfer record after your first term at the college may result in a change in your financial aid. You can send the signed form to the Transfer Evaluations Office by e-mail.
  • Jerusalem and Hebrew University Exams: Students who have taken and passed the exam can submit the University’s Jerusalem Certificate with the scores to the Transfer Evaluations Office. Certificates can be mailed or e-mailed to us directly. Student passing the exam with a combined score of 159 to 160 will be granted three credits for HEBR 1001. If the combined score is 160 or higher, the student will receive both HEBR 1001 and HEBR 1002, with a total of six credits. No credit will be granted if the score is not reported through an official certificate with a signature and seal image.


Test Credit Rules

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