International Students

Important Notice

The Transfer Evaluations Office takes care of matriculated undergraduate students only.

Graduate students should contact Graduate Admissions for assistance.

International students are students who have attended institutions outside of the United States. Brooklyn College does grant international students transfer credit. A maximum of 60 credits can transfer from any combination of institutions that are recognized by CUNY’s University Application Processing Center as part of the system of higher education of another country and offers programs of study equivalent to baccalaureate degree programs in Brooklyn College. Course work must receive the U.S. grade equivalency of a C- or higher. Credit (CR), Pass/Passing (P), and Satisfactory/Satisfied (S) grades will not be considered, unless the transcript indicates that these grades equate to a C- or higher.

Brooklyn College requires all non-English transcripts to be professionally translated and evaluated with course credits and grades transcribed via the U.S. standards. Students will also be required to submit course descriptions/syllabi to the Transfer Evaluations Office, for academic departments to review. If these are not in English, the student will need to submit translations, along with the descriptions/syllabi in the original language.

All international course work must have been successfully completed prior to being admitted to the college as a matriculated student. Students may not receive credits for courses that Brooklyn College does not have an existing/equivalent discipline. International students may receive general subject credits that may not count toward the students’ major/minor/college option/Pathway requirements. All course work must be reviewed by the departmental academic evaluator who is the expert in the discipline the student is transferring in. International students will have the ability to petition with the transfer appeals officer if they wish to have additional credits evaluated and posted beyond the 60-credit limit.

  • International Evaluation Process: Information on agencies to contact for evaluation of international transcripts. This letter will be sent via e-mail to you if it has been determined that we need additional information to evaluate your transfer credits.
  • Acknowledgment Form: This form is to be used if you are seeking a modification or re-evaluation of a course which was transferred into the college in a term other than your first semester at the college. If this is your first term at Brooklyn College, you do not have to fill out this form. This form indicates that you have consulted with the Office of Financial Aid and understand that modifying the transfer record after your first term at the college may result in a change in your financial aid. You can send the signed form to the Transfer Evaluations Office via e-mail.

Important Reminder: All transcripts and course descriptions/syllabi must be translated in English in order to process your evaluation.

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