Re-Evaluation Appeal

The Transfer Evaluations Office takes care of matriculated undergraduate students only.

Graduate students should contact Graduate Admissions for assistance.

Brooklyn College accepts credits from regionally accredited colleges and approved external exams as per the policies outlined in the Undergraduate Bulletin and detailed on our webpage.

If a student believes a course was not granted the appropriate equivalency, the student may appeal to have the course reviewed for a different equivalency. Students have the right to submit an appeal via this process via the form below.

Students are responsible for submitting all information and documentation, even if it was previously submitted for the first review of the academic unit’s evaluator. All requests with documentation submitted to the office will be sent to the academic unit’s evaluators of the departments that offer the course, or field of study for the secondary review and possible approval.

If the academic unit’s evaluator sees merit in the request, the original equivalency will be changed on CUNYfirst. The Transfer Evaluations Office will process the approved appeal and notify the students via e-mail of the results of the review.

If this request is denied at the college level and the student does not agree with the campus’ decision, or a response has not been received by the 15th business day of the receipt of the request, the student may appeal the decision with the CUNY University Provost/Office of Academic Affairs Office. Students will need to complete the University Transfer Credit Appeals form (PDF) along with the requested support materials.

Students are responsible for providing course documentation to support their appeal to the CUNY University Provost/Office of Academic Affairs.  As long as no further materials or information are needed, students will receive a decision via e-mail from CUNY OAA within 10 business days of an appeal’s receipt. You can submit the appeal by filling out and sending it along with requested material via e-mail.

If CUNY determines that the request has merit, it will approve the change so that the course will meet a major requirement. CUNY will notify Brooklyn College of the approval and the determination of the equivalency that should be assigned, and Brooklyn College will update the record on CUNYfirst.

Re-evaluation Request Form

The re-evaluation request should not be used for transfer credits earned via a permit/e-permit. E-mail the e-Permit Office directly for inquires related to these types of courses.

If you are submitting a re-evaluation request after your first semester at the college, negative financial implications may occur. It is your responsibility to contact the Financial Aid Office prior to submitting a request. Once submitted and reviewed, you cannot request the process to be reverted.

Submission of this request does not automatically guarantee that approval and processing will occur. Your request must be reviewed and approved by the academic unit’s evaluator within the unit that offers this field of study. Once a decision has been made, you will receive an e-mail from informing you of the approval or denial.

You must have first submitted the re-evaluation appeal to Brooklyn College before escalating your appeal to CUNY University Provost/Office of Academic Affairs.

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