The Department of Television, Radio & Emerging Media has a substantial number of specialized instructional spaces for the exclusive teaching and learning of students in its programs. Students take classes in these labs and facilities, all of which also have open hours where students can continue their content creation endeavors outside of class. Students in their junior or senior year might also work as a college assistant in these spaces—paid positions that allow exemplary students to get additional professional experience supporting their peers and expanding their resumes.

Emerging Media Innovation Lab (EMIL)—WH007

The Emerging Media Innovation Lab is located in the basement of Whitehead Hall. It contains a 2,000-square-foot television studio with LED lighting grid, studio cameras, master control, cyc, green screen, and streaming as well as recording capability. Students learn multicamera studio production, build sets for newscasts and panel shows, and stream and record special events and performances with studio audiences. The student-run TV Club makes content here, as does the Brooklyn News Service. In fall 2023 a dedicated Virtual Reality/Multimedia Lab will expand our curriculum in these areas and provide a dedicated space for worldmaking and innovation.

WBCR Radio Station—WH306

Located on the third floor of Whitehead Hall in the heart of the department offices and classrooms, WBCR is a three-studio online radio station run entirely by the students of Brooklyn College. The station’s physical plant is a shared asset of the department and the WBCR student club where students in radio, audio, and podcasting classes learn professional recording and studio techniques, and journalism and television students record narration and VO for their work. WBCR’s programming reflects the diversity of our student body and their multicultural, socioeconomic backgrounds. Weekly shows cover a diverse spectrum of formats, including talk, music, sports, comedy, politics, business, arts, culture, informational/community affairs, and more.

Radio Lab—WH302

Just across from WBCR is the Radio Lab—a classroom devoted entirely to the teaching and practice of radio, audio storytelling, and podcasting. Here you’ll learn professional audio recording, editing, and mixing software on state-of-the-art Mac computers.

Multimedia/Television Lab—WH307

Featuring 15 iMac computers fully loaded with Adobe Creative Suite software and other editing and coding software, this lab hosts courses that range from multimedia and virtual reality storytelling to single- and multi-cam television and videography for journalists. As with the Radio Lab, weekly open lab hours in these labs provide students with substantial access to work on course projects or their own productions with the support of student lab technicians.

Journalism Lab—NI132

This huge lab space features 24 iMac computers loaded with software for digital first news reporting and publishing across all platforms as well as a large table for editorial meetings of the Brooklyn News Service reporters (students enrolled in 4000-level journalism courses regularly publish to the BNS along with the students taking TREM4401 Digital News Laboratory—one of the two six-credit Capstones in that major).

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