Black Lives: Research and Action

Speakers and performers in the Black Lives: Research and Action Engagement series will share with the Brooklyn College community research, activism, or creative work that is related to Black lives and that is transforming our Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York City, state, or national communities.

The Wolfe Institute encourages every department, program, and institute at Brooklyn College to pledge to bring at least one Black speaker to campus as part of this engagement. The Wolfe Institute will help to financially support events in the series, in addition to our regular support of a wide range of programs promoting interdisciplinary conversations grounded in the humanities and social sciences.

How can I submit an event?

Fill out the institute’s Submit an Event form.

Fall 2021 Events (virtual)

  • September 28: Talk with Jordan Franklin

Spring 2021 Events (virtual)

  • February 9: Tropical Aesthetics of Black Modernism with Samantha Noel
  • February 18: The Brooklyn College Common Reader Project with Robert Jones Jr.
  • March 8: Talk to the Founder/CEO of “Saved & Fabulous” Fashion Brand, Influence, and lifestyle coach Terry Ann Philips
  • March 23: Black Bodies Matter with Aja Lans
  • April 21: Afro-Latinx Spiritualities in Defense of Black Life with Andrew Vinales
  • May 5: The Rise of Hip Hop Music: From America’s Urban Centers to the Heart of American Culture with Marcus Reeves

Fall 2020 Events (virtual)

  • September 3: Classical Dance and Race with Delores Brown Abelson
  • September 22: Race, Violence, and Power (pdf) with Kobie Colemon
  • October 2: Creating an Anti-Racist, Inclusive Curriculum with Trevor Ngwane
  • October 8: Shimmering Contraries: Medieval Grammar and the Rise of Race and Racism with Cord Whitaker
  • October 20: On Science, Privilege, and Inequality with Jennifer Adams
  • November 10: Expanding Byzantium: Displaying Arts of Africa in The Met’s Byzantine galleries with Andrea Achi
  • November 16 and 18: Workshop on Poetry and Technology with Samiya Bashir
  • November 19: Racecraft in the Odyssey and Argonautica with Jackie Murray
  • December 2: The Language & Art of Caribbean Dance with Sekou McMiller

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