Wolfe Institute Faculty Fellowship

The Ethyle R. Wolfe Institute for the Humanities offers this Faculty Fellowship to tenured, full-time associate professors at Brooklyn College. This fellowship aims to support mid-career faculty pursuing significant projects of scholarly research and writing in the humanities. Wolfe Fellows are fully released from their teaching obligations, offering a rare opportunity for such research support in the humanities.

The fellowship will award faculty full or partial release from teaching obligations during one semester, depending on the professor’s individual teaching obligations, offering a rare opportunity for such research support in the humanities. Wolfe Fellows are expected to devote themselves to the study or research for which the fellowship is awarded.  Activities must take place during the semester for which the fellowship is awarded.

Wolfe Fellows will also be expected to share their work with the larger Brooklyn College community by participating in the activities of the Ethyle R. Wolfe Institute during the fellowship period and will normally give at least one public lecture and/or one faculty seminar on their work in progress after the Fellowship semester.


Applicants must be full-time, tenured members of the Brooklyn College faculty.  The proposed project should address significant issues in history, languages and literature, philosophy, or other fields of the humanities. While priority will be given to proposals in the humanities, proposals from other fields such as the natural and social sciences, the arts, the professions, and public life may be eligible if the work has significant humanistic dimensions. Wolfe Fellows will not hold any other major fellowships simultaneously. Previous recipients of Wolfe Fellowships are no longer eligible.

Application Process

Proposals should be no longer than four single-spaced pages, accompanied by a bibliography no longer than two single-spaced pages, the curriculum vitae of the candidate, and two letters of recommendation. A statement from the chairperson of the applicant’s department confirming that the chair will support any release time provided if the applicant is successful, should also accompany each application. A panel of distinguished scholars in the humanities, drawn from outside the College, evaluates all applications. Applications are judged on the scholarly and intellectual merits of the proposal and the appropriateness of the project in furthering the humanities at Brooklyn College. Panel members write evaluations of proposals, and candidates may request copies of their evaluations at the end of the process. The evaluations of the panel’s recommendations are forwarded to the President and the Provost of the college for approval.

Reassigned Time/Workload Limitation

The department of the fellowship recipient will receive up to nine (9) workload hours as reassigned time to fulfill the selected faculty member’s contractual teaching obligation during a single semester. Should the fellow receive additional reassigned time from, for example, participation in a Graduate Center Seminar, the reassigned time hours from the Wolfe Fellowship will be reduced accordingly. No workload hours may be “carried over” beyond the fellowship period.

Chairs should e-mail their statements to wolfeinstitute@brooklyn.cuny.edu; type the names and contact information for your references below.

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