Rapid Response Honorarium

The Ethyle R. Wolfe Institute for the Humanities is offering a Rapid Response Honorarium of $150 for guest speakers in Brooklyn College classes. Sponsorship of eligible speakers may be honored even after the class visit has taken place.

What is it?

The Rapid Response Honorarium is $150 honorarium to a guest speaker in an online course. We encourage instructors to consider independent scholars and artists as speakers.

Who is it for?

Any Brooklyn College professor, including adjunct instructors, may apply.

How can I submit an event?

Fill out the Institute’s Submit an Event form.


Wherever—on whatever online platform—your class is taking place.


Our goal is to respond to completed requests within two business days. Note that “rapid response” refers to the speed with which the Wolfe Institute endeavors to respond to requests, not the speed at which your speaker will be paid. Given that nearly all staff are operating remotely, we anticipate that it will take longer than usual for payments to process; please inform your speaker of this, and note that choosing to have funds deposited directly into a bank account will be significantly faster than cutting a check.


This program is a continuation of Wolfe’s mission to foster thoughtful conversations among Brooklyn College students and faculty grounded in the humanities.

What else should I know?

Given the mission of the Wolfe Institute and its presence in the School of Humanities and Social Science, preference will be given to classes grounded in the humanities and social sciences, to interdisciplinary courses, and to multiple classes co-meeting during the guest speaker’s participation.


E-mail the Wolfe Institute.

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