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As of September 2023, the Wolfe Institute has placed a temporary pause on honorariums for speakers to classes or events. Please note that speakers who are currently employed by CUNY cannot be paid honorariums and this pause, therefore, does not apply to them. The Wolfe Institute will continue to support events by providing logistical and publicity assistance. If you need assistance booking rooms, live streaming or recording events, and publicizing events, please reach out by submitting a form. Thank you for your understanding.

For the foreseeable future the Wolfe Institute resources will be refocused on Humanities and Social Science classes, as is in accordance with the Wolfe’s mission.

The Ethyle R. Wolfe Institute for the Humanities invites HSS departments to submit events for possible sponsorship by completing the form below. We give priority to events that fulfill the mission of the institute as stated on the main page of the website, and for which at least one faculty member has committed to bringing a class. The Wolfe Institute encourage sponsors to invite speakers from a range of backgrounds, and to consider the discrepancy between the diversity of the Brooklyn College student body and that of its faculty when choosing speakers.

Institute sponsorship may include creating and distributing fliers, social media publicity, or logistical or financial support.

Planning Your Event

Plan in advance, especially for large events. All proposed events must have confirmed that at least one class will attend. To benefit as many students as possible, most events should be held during class time, but the institute will expect you to participate directly in generating an audience for any event you propose. You will need to provide text and images for any promotional material we help to generate. For guest speakers in online classes, check the Rapid Response Program box below. If your speaker is of African descent, check the “Black Lives: Research & Action Engagement Series” box. Note that sponsorship of eligible speakers in Brooklyn College classes may be honored even after the class visit has taken place.

Thank you for your patience.

Promotion Requests

If you intend to request flyers from the Wolfe Institute, have ready in doc or pdf format the following:

  • abstract / blurb of event
  • speaker bio(s)
  • imagery
  • cosponsoring departments and organizations
  • space, date, and time (and whether they have been reserved)

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