Faculty Day 2024

27th Annual Faculty Day Conference and Awards Ceremony

Wednesday, May 15, 2024, 9:30 a.m.–5 p.m.

Student Center

The Faculty Day Conference and Award Ceremony affords us a chance to pause from business as usual to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of the Brooklyn College faculty. Throughout the day, we’ll have the opportunity to engage with our colleagues’ exciting research and scholarship, discuss pedagogical interests and exchange ideas about faculty life on campus. We’ll wrap it all up with an awards ceremony to honor our fellow faculty members for their accomplishments in teaching, research, service, and mentoring.

The Faculty Day Conference provides a unique college-wide opportunity to foster connections with our colleagues and improve the quality of intellectual and social life here on campus. Each year this day gives us a chance to engage in dialogue about academic and pedagogical activities with our colleagues from remarkably diverse disciplines.

We look forward to you joining us at this year’s conference and contributing to Brooklyn College’s professional and intellectual vitality. E-mail any questions to the Faculty Day Conference Committee.

Conference Details


10 –11:15 a.m.

Symposia and Workshops Session 1

  • The Larger Context of War: Interventions, Transitions and Interconnections
  • Black, Race, and Ethnic Studies Initiative (BRESI) Projects
  • The Effects of Social, Linguistic, and Cultural Diversity on Language and Literacy Learning
  • The Anatomy of Care: Fostering Psychological Safety within the Classroom

11:30 a.m.–12:45 p.m.

Symposia and Workshops Session 2

  • Fostering a Culture of Mentoring at Brooklyn College
  • The Pathway from High School to College: Perspectives Across the Disciplines on Brooklyn College’s First-Year Seminar Pilot
  • Disability Dialogues: Personal Reflections, Digital Inclusion, and Sign Language Advocacy
  • Promoting Social Justice and Creating an Antiracist Training Environment in Higher Education by Using the Antiracist Scale

2:15–3:30 p.m.

Symposia and Workshops Session 3

  • Inviting Voices, Making Space: Transdisciplinary Approaches to Inclusivity in the Classroom
  • Sonic Meditation: A Practice for Teachers
  • Why Career Education Belongs in the Classroom
  • From the Syllabus to Pedagogy: Digital Literacies for Faculty and Students
  • Ethical Use: AI and Responding to Racist Assessment in Higher Education

12:45–2:10 p.m. (during lunch)


  • Fresh Ideas: Piloting the First Year Seminar
  • Engaging Students through Transformative Learning Activities
  • Transformative Restorative Justice at Brooklyn College
  • Fostering Belonging at BC: Ideas from across Departments
  • Re-envisioning Faculty Office Hours
  • Academic Freedom in Tempestuous Times
  • Collaborative Efforts to Affirm LGBTQIA+ Students at Brooklyn College
  • Empowering Educators: Harnessing AI to Prioritize Student Interaction

12:45–2:10 p.m. (during lunch)

Poster Presentations

  • Elementary Mathematics Teachers Learning How to Integrate Strategic Use of Technology and Computational Thinking through Lesson Study and Action Research
  • Math and Children’s Stories through Interdisciplinary Lesson Study
  • Structured Domain Stabilization in Peptidic Condensates
  • Reducing Maternal Deaths in the US: Working Together with Midwives
  • Entrepreneurship: Idea Challenge and Pitch and Business Plan Yearly Competitions Hosted by the Koppelman School of Business
  • Results of a Longitudinal Study: Influence of Physical Activity, SES, Perceived Safety, and Demographic Factors on the GPA of Latinx High School Students
  • Building Bridges and Bridging Gaps as Student Researchers Tackle Health Disparities: Community Health Projects and Proposals as Community Advocates
  • Physics of Healthy Faculty Life at Brooklyn College
  • Listening to Hard of Hearing Librarians: Insights from Interviews
  • An Interprofessional Approach to Promote Policy Change in NYS Early Intervention
  • Can You Hear Us? Healthcare Inequity and Hearing Loss
  • Zero Cost to Students, Maximum Learning: The Brooklyn College Library Path to Free Textbooks
  • Constant Core, Shifting Shapes: The Resilience of Social Science Librarianship amidst Changing Formats, Subjects, and Disciplines

Awards Ceremony and Reception

3:45 p.m.

  • 2024 Claire Tow ’52 Awards for Excellence in Teaching
  • 2024 Awards for Outstanding Faculty Service
  • 2024 Awards for Excellence in Scholarly and Creative Achievement

This Year’s Presenters and Exhibitors

The faculty presenting and facilitating discussions at this year’s conference represent 29 departments and interdisciplinary programs across all five schools.

  • Frans Albarillo, Library
  • Laura Ascenzi-Moreno, Childhood, Bilingual and Special Education
  • Sophia Bamert, English
  • Sharon Beaumont-Bowman, Communication Arts, Sciences and Disorders
  • April Bedford, Provost
  • Michael Bergen, Communication Arts, Sciences and Disorders
  • Haydee Castillo, Childhood, Bilingual and Special Education
  • Jillian Cavanaugh, Anthropology
  • Sabine Chishty, Psychology
  • Maria Conelli, Art
  • Gerald Corbin, School Psychology, Counseling and Leadership
  • Prudence Cumberbatch, Africana Studies
  • Paisley Currah, Political Science
  • Heidi Diehl, English
  • James Eaton, Associate Dean for Faculty and Administration
  • Graciela Elizalde-Utnick, School Psychology, Counseling and Leadership
  • Abdelaziz Elmadani, School Psychology, Counseling and Leadership
  • Beth Evans, Library
  • Emily Fairey, Library
  • Anne Therese Frederiksen, Communication Arts, Science and Disorders
  • Lee Ann Fullington, Library
  • Akiko Fuse, Communication Arts, Sciences and Disorders
  • Shonelle George, SEEK
  • Mariya Gluzman, Philosophy and Academic IT
  • Mobina Hashmi, Television, Radio and Emerging Media
  • Hanna Haydar, Childhood, Bilingual and Special Education
  • Katia Henrys, Psychology
  • Ankit Jain, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Dijana Jelača, Film
  • Stephanie Jensen-Moulton, Interim Dean of Visual, Media and Performing Arts
  • Rosie Kaplan, Conservatory of Music
  • Kelly Karst, Library
  • Meral Kaya, Childhood, Bilingual and Special Education
  • Devorah Kletenik, Computer and Information Science
  • Kiyoka Koizumi, Health and Nutrition Sciences
  • Sevdenur Koru, Political Science
  • Yoon-Joo Lee, Childhood, Bilingual and Special Education
  • Sharona Levy, Communication Arts, Sciences and Disorders
  • Tammy Lewis, Sociology
  • Marvin Liang, Childhood, Bilingual and Special Education
  • Veronica Manlow, Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship
  • Klara Marton, Communication Arts, Science and Disorders
  • Karen McFadden, Early Childhood Education/Art Education
  • Lisa Millsaps-Graham, Health and Nutrition Sciences
  • Theodore Muth, Biology
  • Mim Nakarmi, Physics
  • Dorothy Neave-DiToro, Communication Arts, Sciences and Disorders
  • Melissa Panek, Modern Languages and Literatures
  • Priya Parmar, Secondary Education
  • Aleah Ranjitsingh, Africana Studies
  • Steven Remy, History
  • Sreyashi Samaddar, Biology
  • Anjana Saxena, Biology
  • Lisa Schwebel, Honors Academy
  • Gunja SenGupta, History
  • Jacqueline Shannon, Early Childhood Education/Art Education
  • Sabra Shelly, Theater
  • Timothy Shortell, Sociology and Chair of Faculty Council
  • Kelly Spivey, LGBTQ+ Center
  • Sophia Suarez, Physics
  • Maria Teresa Tapias, Children’s and Youth Studies
  • Dorell Thomas, English
  • Jolie Tong, Theater
  • Emilie Weibel, Conservatory of Music
  • Amy Wolfe, Library
  • Howard Zeng, Health and Nutrition Sciences

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