History, B.A.

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Program Overview

Historians study humanity’s past successes and failures, eras of brilliance and times of darkness, enlightened civilizations, and devastating regimes—all of which help explain the present. With a firm understanding of what preceded us, you can shape where we are headed. The Bachelor of Arts program in history offers you the opportunity to study history in a wide variety of subject areas, ranging from ancient to modern periods in African, Asian, European, Latin American, and Middle Eastern history as well as U.S. history from the colonial period to the present.

History, B.A.

Where You'll Go

Our graduates have found success in every field you can imagine—some in museums, archives, historical societies, and educational institutions, and others in business, law, publishing, government, and medicine. Our alumni tell us they use the analytical, speaking, writing, and research skills they acquired in our program every day, no matter what kind of work they do.

Major Details

The program information listed here reflects the approved curriculum for the 2023–24 academic year per the Brooklyn College Bulletin. Bulletins from past academic years can be found here.

Major Requirements (36 Credits)

Courses may count only toward one distribution category. “Other lower-division courses” count as additional course elective requirements, not as distribution requirements.

And any three additional courses, excluding HIST 1101, HIST 1201 and HIST 1202. Note that HIST 3090 may satisfy any one of the four distribution requirements a-d, but always satisfies the pre-1500 requirement.

  • Upper Division courses (8 credits). Eight credits in upper-division, 4000-level courses with a grade of C or higher in each course. One of these courses must be a colloquium.

History majors fulfilling program requirements described in earlier Bulletins should validate their programs with a department counselor at the time they declare the major. With permission of the chair, one course taken outside the department may count toward the major. With permission of the chair, in consultation with the department, a course taken in History may be substituted for another, where warranted and for distribution purposes.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • demonstrate basic knowledge about key historical concepts (such as “objectivity”) and historical terminology (such as “primary source”);
  • demonstrate basic knowledge about key historical actors and events across the department’s distribution requirements;
  • articulate a clear research question, assemble a bibliography, and use citations properly;
  • situate an original historical argument within a basic historiographical framework;
  • effectively incorporate primary sources into a historical argument; and
  • express basic historical ideas in writing using a clear thesis statement, a well-organized argument, and effective evidence.

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Internships and Employers

Through job fairs, the internship database, and internship panels, the Magner Career Center gives students in the history B.A. program access to career opportunities at a wide variety of employers, including:

  • American Museum of Natural History
  • The London Library
  • New York City Department of Education
  • New York Life Insurance Company
  • New York University
  • United States Court of Appeals

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