Financial Aid Eligibility for Winter Intersession

Winter intersession credits contribute to a student’s spring enrollment total but are billed separately from spring courses.

Students must either pay out of pocket for winter intersession classes or have enough excess spring aid to cover their combined balances. Students may receive an increased Pell grant and/or qualify for a loan if they add winter courses, as the number of credits is what determines federal financial aid eligibility. These forms of financial aid can result in a refund after spring tuition and other expenses are paid that can be used for winter intersession enrollment.

There are many benefits for students to register for winter intersession classes!

  • Allows students to earn three or more credits in just three weeks.
  • Offers busy students a chance to get ahead and to lighten their fall and/or spring course load by allowing them to take fewer credits in the fall and/or spring.
  • Allows students to dedicate the necessary time for more demanding courses and/or to take popular courses that fill up quickly in the spring and fall.
  • Provides opportunities for students to catch up on credits needed to graduate and to maintain eligibility for scholarship programs including the New York State Excelsior Scholarship program, which requires students to complete 30 credits per year.

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