Financial Aid Resources and Forms


Document Submission Platforms

Campus Logic Student Forms

CUNY uses a platform called Student Forms for students to securely submit all FAFSA Verification and Eligibility documentation as well as special circumstance and unusual circumstance appeals.

You can log in to CUNYfirst to access Student Forms.

CUNY Student Forms FAQ

NextGen Dynamic Forms

The Office of Financial Aid also uses Dynamic Forms for the secure submission of loan requests, federal Work-Study forms, non-FAFSA–related document submission, and certain types of appeals. To complete a specific form, click the link for that form found below (Dynamic Forms are identified with the letters “DF” after the form name in the forms listed below.). You must log in using your BC WebCentral username and password to access the form to view your pending forms and form submission history.


Federal Pell Grant Award Charts

TAP Waiver Application

Satisfactory Academic Progress


Special or Unusual Circumstances, Homeless Youth, Parent FAFSA Refusal Appointment Request

If you have a special circumstance (change in income or expenses), an unusual circumstance (dependency appeal), an unaccompanied homeless youth determination, or a parent FAFSA refusal, you must complete and submit the corresponding form to provide additional information and schedule an appointment with a financial aid adviser. You may need to submit additional documentation in Student Forms after your appointment. Unusual circumstance appeal determinations must be completed within 60 days of your enrollment or your submission. You must submit all appeals by the deadline indicated on the form.

Non-FAFSA Document Upload Form

To upload your non-FAFSA–related documents such as consortium agreements, Authorization to Release Information, and student Social Security cards, use the Financial Aid Non-FAFSA Related Document Upload (DF).

First Degree Confirmation Form

Federal Direct Loans

You must be registered for at least six credits to request a direct loan.

Federal Direct Loans 2024–25 (summer 2024, fall 2024, spring 2025)

Online Loan Counseling, Repayment, and Loan History

Federal Work-Study (FWS)

FWS Program Information for Students

FWS Placement Forms

FWS JobX and TimesheetX Systems

FWS Payroll Schedule

Information and Forms for FWS Supervisors

New York City Public Services Corps

Off-Campus Positions With Affiliated New York City Agencies

Alternative Loans

Study Abroad

Releasing Financial Aid Records

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