Understanding Your Finances

Welcome to the Brooklyn College Office of Financial Aid  Financial Literacy Counseling Center!

Where Brooklyn College students can learn to better understand their finances.

The Brooklyn College Office of Financial Aid Financial Literacy Counseling Center provides 24/7 virtual counseling sessions to help Brooklyn College students better understand their finances. Sessions are guided by brief informational videos covering topics such as: budgeting, saving, debt and borrowing, credit cards, credit scoring, and more.

The videos for a specific topic can be viewed back-to-back in review mode or as a guided training session (if review mode is off)  where you answer questions to test and build your knowledge as you progress through the course. When review mode is off you can earn certificates of completion for each session you successfully complete.

Before you can access the video courses you will need to log in. If you have not yet created a login for this service, you may do so by clicking on the “Register” button and follow the prompts. You will need your eight-digit CUNYfirst EMPLID number to complete the registration process. If you have already created a login but do not remember your password, click on “forgot your password” to reset it.

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