Application Requirements and Deadlines

Application Requirements for General Freshmen

Fall 2023 Through Spring 2025 Admission—SAT/ACT Test Optional Policy

CUNY is revising its testing policy to test optional effective fall 2023 through spring 2025. First-year applicants can choose whether to submit SAT or ACT exam scores as part of their application. The admission decision will be based primarily on a student’s academic preparation in high school, including overall grade point average, course grades, and the academic rigor of their high school curriculum. Students should carefully consider whether they would like to send their test scores:

  • If a student has a particularly strong academic record and believes that their standardized exam scores do not reflect their full academic potential, they may elect not to send SAT or ACT exam scores to CUNY.
  • If a student feels that standardized test scores improve their overall academic record, we invite them to send test scores.
  • The absence of SAT or ACT exam scores cannot be used to deny a student admission.

We recommend that students discuss this test-optional decision with their school counselor.

Applicants may also contact the Brooklyn College Office of Admissions via e-mail.

Freshman Admissions Requirements and Academic Review

  • Official high school transcript or TASC/GED diploma with scores
  • Overall academic average or GPA
  • Curriculum rigor
  • Level of course work completed in each subject area (for instance, the completion of trigonometry or calculus in mathematics)
  • Proficiency in math and English
  • New York State Regents examination results, if available
  • College essay (recommended)

A high school certificate is not acceptable.

Note: Admissions criteria are subject to change.

Recommended Academic Preparation

It is recommended that preparation for baccalaureate study include the following high school academic units:

  • English: four units
  • Social studies: four units
  • Foreign language: three units of one foreign language
  • Mathematics: three units
  • Science: three units

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