Nondegree Students

For students who have a passion to learn but prefer not to commit to a full program.

If you wish to fulfill prerequisites for advanced study, sharpen and advance your professional or career-specific skills, or want a learning experience in an area of interest, nondegree study is the path for you. At Brooklyn College, academically qualified individuals who wish to continue their education without pursuing a full degree can enroll in credit-bearing courses as nondegree (nonmatriculated) students.

Definition of a Nondegree Student

An undergraduate nondegree (nonmatriculated) student is a student who enrolls in credit-bearing classes for personal enrichment and is not working towards a degree at Brooklyn College. Matriculated students who are enrolled in a degree program at another university/college must submit a Visiting Student Application.

Apply Now

Submit the Nondegree Undergraduate Application PDF and all required documents via e-mail. Partial or incomplete applications will not be considered for admission.

Application Deadlines

  • Summer: May 14, 2024
  • Fall: August 14, 2024

Application Fee

$65. The nonrefundable application processing fee is payable when your application is processed. It is not a registration fee. It is a processing fee that is due whether or not you register for courses.

Additional Instructions/Required Documents

  • Completed Nondegree Undergraduate Application PDF
  • High school transcript or proof of high school equivalency degree and test scores (for students who have never attended college, or have 12 or less college credits earned)
  • Unofficial or official college/university transcripts from all post-secondary schools attended (for students who have 12 or more college credits earned)
  • Transcripts for course work completed after earning a bachelor’s degree are not required.
  • Student copies of college/university transcripts are not acceptable.


All nondegree applicants must, at least, have completed high school, have a GED/TASC certificate, or have the equivalence of a U.S. high school diploma.

File an undergraduate nondegree application if you:

  • have, at least, completed high school or the equivalency,
  • wish to take undergraduate courses (1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 level only), and
  • are not currently enrolled as a degree (matriculated) student at another institution.


Students enrolled in nondegree courses must pay all applicable tuition costs at the determined New York State resident or nonresident rate. See Tuition costs.

Acceptance into the college does not guarantee course availability. It is the sole responsibility of the student to verify course availability. Nondegree students register for classes on a space available basis only. Nondegree students are not eligible for financial aid, scholarships, or grants.

If you have questions or require additional information, contact us via e-mail.

Students With International Credentials

  • Students educated outside the United States must present their international documents, an evaluation, and, where necessary, an English translation performed by their country’s consulate or a recognized translation agency.
  • International evaluations must include an official, course-by-course evaluation report that includes a GPA based on all course work and any external examination certificates earned.
  • International transcripts must be evaluated by a professional credential accreditation agency recognized by the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services.



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