Visiting Students

If you attend a non-CUNY college and wish to take undergraduate or graduate courses at Brooklyn College, you may enroll as a visiting student.

You must complete one of the following applications and submit it, along with your transcript, via e-mail. Once your application is processed, you will be instructed to pay the application fee online before you can register for classes.

You must also satisfy the New York State immunization requirements specified by the Brooklyn College Immunization Requirements Office. Visiting student status is valid for one semester only. New applications must be filed for each semester of attendance.

Note: Registration for math courses with prerequisites requires permission from the Department of Mathematics.

CUNY E-Permit Students

If you attend a CUNY college and wish to take courses at Brooklyn College, you may file a CUNY E-Permit. You should consult with your home college for instructions and procedures on how to file. Once the e-permit is approved, you will receive an e-mail from Brooklyn College explaining when, where, and how to actually register for courses.


Transcripts are maintained by the Office of the Registrar.

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