Board Membership


  • Michelle Anderson, President, Chair
  • Alan Gilbert, Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration, Designated Chair
  • Gissette Forte, Assistant Vice President for Budget and Finance, Vice Chair
  • Beatrice Gilling-Raynor, Comptroller, Treasurer
  • Michael Lanza, Director of Budget, Staff Representative
  • Hyuna Park, Faculty Representative
  • Johanna Devaney, Faculty Representative
  • Aharon Grama, USG President
  • Louis Di Meglio, GSO President
  • Carrie Ebbin, USG Representative
  • Evie Barth, USG Representative
  • Noam Abrahams, USG Representative
  • Harriet Rosenblum, Independent Director
  • Arlene Lictherman, Independent Director
  • Andrew Lanza, Secretary, Non-Board

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