Volunteers make BLL possible.

They plan and carry out all aspects of the organization’s work. They serve as officers and members of the board of directors to set policy and determine the direction of BLL. They serve on committees that are responsible for curriculum planning, membership recruitment, travel, and more. They teach our courses. They serve as event planners for our annual luncheon.

Our volunteer teachers form the core of our organization. Without their expertise, efforts, and willingness to contribute, BLL could not exist. We invite all those with a passion to share their knowledge to teach.

We make every effort to accommodate those who wish to get involved. You can determine the length of each class and the number and frequency of class meetings. For example, you need not teach a full-semester course but may choose to offer a three-week course or even a one-time lecture. No prior teaching experience is required. Many of our best instructors have come from other fields. The primary consideration is the availability, interest, and convenience of the teaching volunteer, limited only by the availability of classroom space.

The prime benefit to teaching on a volunteer basis, as we have heard from past instructors, is that BLL members will be in your class because of their sheer love of learning—not because they need to take it as part of curriculum. Teaching an older group has its own unique satisfactions. These groups are often more inquisitive and involved than younger students, and they bring their own life experiences with them, which often serves to stimulate discussions even further.

Lilia Melani of the English Department describes it this way: “Why teach a BLL class? Because the students want to be there, they come to class prepared and eager to participate, they are highly intelligent, and they love ideas and learning. The classes are exciting and energizing for both students and instructor. I have never enjoyed teaching more, and there are no papers to grade! What more could a teacher ask for?”

In addition, we are always in need of help from those with special skills. If you have a background in marketing, Web design, accounting, fundraising, or law, for example, we need your help.

To volunteer, complete this BLL Volunteer Form (PDF) and submit it in the office. To volunteer to teach, complete this BLL Course Proposal Form (PDF).

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